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Lindas Spirit

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I'm very gifted psychically after 3 near death experiences. Please be aware I speak from spirit and the response may not be what you wanted but what was needed. I am honest and real. No fairy tales. No pregnancy questions.
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About Me
I have a master's degree in Public Health Epidemiology; I was not born psychic; I was given the gift after a plane crash, then hit by a fire truck and totaling a car all from 1981-1984. I was sort of indoctrinated to the spiritual word to help
My Approach To Topics
I became psychic after surviving a plane crash in 1981. I have a direct line to the other side and channel answers quickly and honestly to be of service to help guide you with love, finances, career, family, addiction, relationship and spirituality.
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12/16/2022 - Call
6 months ago, Linda predicted that I would move in to my new home before the holidays, and also predicted the agent whom was going to helped me score my home now... All came to pass as she shared on the calls I have had with her. She is ACCURATE. I