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Lisa Dianne
Lisa Dianne
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I have been an intuitive since birth and have God given gifts, which have enabled me to help many over the years. I have devoted my life to assisting others through intuitive readings, spiritual counseling, life coaching, administering Reiki healing, career coaching, and enabling others to understand and better hone in on their own Spiritual gifts. I have obtained certifications in life coaching, spiritual counseling, psychology, aromatherapy, dream interpretation and am an Ordained Minister. I am continually growing and ascending, in order to become the best vessel that I can in order to help you achieve your overall goals and help set you in the right direction through this journey we call life!

I am clear, compassionate and accurate. I am very intuitive and read your energy, therefore I am very sensitive to energies around you as well. In order to tap into your energy, I will need at least a couple of minutes to connect, sometimes the connection is faster the more open you are when we begin your session. Please clear your mind and allow me to connect with you and your guides.

Honesty is my first intention. I always seek the highest good in all that I do, even if the information that I have for you isn't what you want to hear, it may be what is necessary in order to help you to move forward and enjoy life to the fullest! However, knowing that we have free will/choice to change our current path is extremely important.

With Regards to timing: Often things must occur according to DIVINE TIMING - which is set by GOD. Sometimes, YOU or the individual(s)you are asking about are in the middle of a karmic life lesson that must be completed in order to achieve a resolution that is
necessary for the highest good of all. Please try not to focus on the timing as much as the final outcome. When you hold on to the timing you can
"accidentally" create blockages.

Remember-NO PREDICTION IS WRITTEN IN STONE ~No one is 100% accurate but God and the Universe. We must experience the results of the choices we make and the outcomes of our decisions to grow and evolve spiritually on earth. A psychic reading should be used to assist you in deciding the best course of action, in order for you
to achieve your goals relative to your highest good and spiritual evolution.
Approach to Topics
I am an extremely compassionate person and have the ability to tap into your emotions and help guide you to a better understanding of your situation and prepare you for what lies ahead. In saying that, I do not use any tools unless requested by the client.

I do work best with direct questions, however I will do general readings. I would however ask that you please not start out our session with , " How is ---- feeling about me right now?" I would need an introduction, to know who you are asking about and would need the opportunity to connect to the energies you are inquiring about.
During our session, I will work as fast as I can, I will not waste your time and I will do my absolute best to deliver the information that I receive, whether good or bad -- in a constructive and compassionate manner.

I do offer guidance for any problem or situation -- Please feel free to chat with me during my hours of availability or request an appointment for a phone session.

I look forward to connecting with you and appreciate the opportunity to be your guide on this otherwise dark and sometimes lonely path.

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