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7 readings since 2012
Every (Tarot Card) Picture Tells A Story
I utilize the Tarot for all of my readings in LIFE PATH & ADVICE - the cards I draw act as a portal through which vitally important information is revealed/conveyed regarding your specific issue or question.
My Attributes
Love & Relationships
Career & Work
Money & Prosperity
Destiny & Life Path
LGBTQ Issues
Astrology - Western
About Me
I briefly read the Tarot on this site approximately 9-10 years ago, and I've only now just recently returned to KEEN.

Here's a little bit of background/biographical information:

I've been an ardent, passionate student of The Tarot for over 16
My Approach To Topics

Let The Ancient Wisdom Of The TAROT Illuminate Your Path In Life........

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Christy...

Have your days been filled with UNWANTED stress, doubt, worry, or fear?... Do you find yourself expending large amounts of energy on