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love flower
love flower
Intuitive Insights and Divine Guidance
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I'M BACK! Looking forward to catching up with all my wonderful clients. Still offering the same stellar services I always have. Highly accurate intuitive insights, deep spiritual Divine guidance, comfort and healing.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
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Dream Exploration
I have decades of experience and training in psychic development which is greatly enhanced by my extensive background and studies in esoteric arts, jungian psychology, symbolism, world religions and culture.
Approach to Topics
As many of my clients have come to know and love, my approach is to quickly access the energy of the situation and individuals involved. Then to accurately assess the potentials as they currently exist and to identify patterns that are either taking the situation and individuals to the desired result, or not. And then to seek insight and guidance from the Divine (Source, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, the Angelic realm, and other Deities connected to the individuals or situation) to then provide the client with that information for them to utilize to their greatest potential and outcomes.

I generally don't use external tools. I keep my psyche clear and well tuned in order to tap in as quickly and sharply as possible and to translate the information as accurately as possible.

I am professional, warm, kind, nonjudgmental, fast, accurate, intelligent, and deeply spiritual. I generally work well with most every personality type. There are exceptions of course, and if I can't connect with you, I will tell you immediately so that nobody's time is wasted.

My main objective is to provide you with TRUTH and HONOR. I will not be caustic or insensitive when sharing difficult information, but I will not glaze over it either, or be pushed into simply saying what you want to hear. My karma is at stake and I will only do what I know keeps me right with Source. I will always attempt to provide peace, comfort and solid instruction, but always in keeping with my principles of TRUTH and HONOR. I will always try to honor you exactly where you are. If you are fussy or irritable I will do my level best to help you feel better, but if you are hostile or combative toward me, I will end the call in order to honor both of us. Neither one of us needs negative karma. You can call back when you are less hostile as I will harbor no ill intent. I prefer to provide the most positive, professional, assistance, comfort, and care you can find here on KEEN or anywhere on the web.

In consideration of your time and your dime, I talk REALLY FAST. You can always ask me to slow down or clarify anything you don't understand.

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