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Welcome. I am Lucy. I am a clairvoyant psychic who specializes in topics of love, family, life-paths, dreams, and relationships. For truth, guidance, and predictions that happen, contact me. I look forward to reading you.
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Welcome, my name is Lucy, but if it is easier for you, I also go by L. I am a third generation psychic and my family has had more than their share of experiences with the psychic and spiritual world. I have been a clairvoyant at a young age with over a decade of experience, having only been on this platform for a couple of years. My path began when I was a child, after losing my beloved cat, that I discovered I have abilities to tap into, both psychically and spiritually. I receive messages and as well see different fates through instantaneous flashes of my mind; and I am able to get impressions of the situation by putting myself in your "moccasins" so to speak, putting words to what has been difficult to interpret or break down. I am a gifted empath, coming from a long generation of psychics, who utilizes their abilities to help people from all walks of life. I will guide you in the right direction of your fate, so you will not go off track. When you need true answers and honesty, I am there for you.
Approach to Topics
I am very empathetic and I am able to tune into your emotions and feelings about your current path; I will be able to de-construct your thoughts and feelings about what is happening, to help you decide if you are in the right place and with the right person in your life. You will be so happy to unburden yourself and you will easily see what the truth is in your future. I will listen to you without judgement and will be able to provide guidance on the best fate for you to go on. Fate always has the ability to change which is why if there is one thing we have control over in our lives, it is our free will. Knowing that, I help my clients make the best decisions they can for a life they will be most content living.

I have a 90 percent accuracy because I account for a 10 percent margin of error in my predictions; there is no single line we follow in our lives, and there is never one singular way to get a fixed, absolute result. In life, there are no absolutes and there is more gray than we would like to admit. I utilize my gift through my energy impressions, my empathy, and psychic images/flashes; and I guide my clients to make the best choices they can, additionally based on their individual predicaments as no situation is the same. Above all, I value honesty, and while certain predictions, certain impressions may be hard to hear, I think to myself how I would feel and that I would deserve the truth--even if it's not something I was hoping to hear. That's what every client deserves and I am gentle when delivering such predictions.

I primarily do chat readings as I tune in much better there, but I do accept phone readings as well; just arrange a session with me and I will take your appointment as soon as I see it. My hours reflect the times that I will be on checking for call back appointments.
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