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Twenty-eight years of study and guidance. A knowledge that I sought a spiritual path that was not one of conformity but one that by definition needed me to wake up in order to grow into the being of light that I am today. I have always sought to heal in whatever way I was capable of. First it was assisting other members of the hidden children in learning about their spiritual paths. Second it was speaking through my Tarot and Oracle cards messages to the seekers that they already knew but needed brought to the fore front of their being and acknowledged. Additionally, was becoming a Reiki master and channeling the abundant energy I had found myself stock piled with and learning how to channel it correctly and teaching others to do so also. Lastly, I have been a student of Shamanism for about thirteen years and am a practitioner of Munay Ki. Knowledge is a gift to pass on, and that is what always keeps me studying, learning and improving. To know myself and help another learn to know their self as well. I am a light bringer, Earth keeper, new Earther, reverend, and shaman with certifications in counseling and life coaching. I am an active member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association.
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Using my 20 + years of experience and a life time in honing my gifts I am able to recognize that there are sources in your life and energy field that you need help with. With the use of my Oracle cards I help you discover your inner light as well as offer thoughtful counsel for those whom are seeking it. Your path is never set on your journey. You are truly capable of great change that can lead to a joyous life of great peace. By lifting your vibration frequency to a more enlightened place your spirituality, mind, your being as a whole you can start looking forward to a wonderful new beginning every day. The world is full of amazing possibilities; it is my joy and honor to assist you in getting there. I offer my service for thought provoking purposes only and do not seek to treat or diagnose medical issues that you should see your medical health professional for.
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