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Ms Rhea
Ms Rhea
Certified Reader with Details!
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Psychic and Certified Professional Tarot Reader using combined gifts to give you the most accurate and detailed reading!!
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Greetings! My name is Rhea and my sun sign is Scorpio! Scorpio people have a sixth sense that enable them to intuit things before they actually happen.

I am a third generation psychic. I grew up in the south where my grandmother was well known as a psychic/medium/healer. She grew her own herbs and made her own tinctures for healing, teaching me to carry on her legacy.

I began reading for friends and family as a preteen so it was very comfortable to transition to professional readings soon thereafter, giving me over 35 years experience to date.

When I began this journey, I never dreamed of "being" someone else, so I started with my real name. Rhea, pronounced Ray, is my real name!

My reading style is compassionate but direct. I will never tell you what you want to hear instead you will hear what Spirit wants you to know. I work with the Christ white light, a gift that comes "through" me not "from" me. I ask God to send me those who have open hearts and open minds so there is a reason if you choose me as your reader.

It is not possible to measure my psychic accuracy in percentages, so I won't be able to tell you that. I cleanse between readings to prevent carrying others energies over, some readers may not, which can affect accuracy. It is my preference that you cleanse yourself or wait 24 hours between psychic readings before calling me.

Approach to Topics
PLEASE do not send me a paragraph of pre-written information and expect me to read it and respond in a matter of seconds. I am quick to pick up, however, not every psychic needs the same information to read so you may be wasting both of our time. When we connect, please have your questions ready. I may ask for a birthday because I am a Numerologist, NOT an Astrologer. Your birthdate is like a blueprint for me! This is a huge advantage for you if you're calling about someone else so you might want to have their birthdate handy too!

I am the real deal! While I do not believe that certification is necessary to prove ones gift, I have been tested and certified as a Psychic, Professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer and Ghost Hunter. I felt these steps were necessary to validate my name and gifts since anyone can hang up a "Psychic" sign and start talking.

It is my goal to help you to achieve goals and dreams in a positive, productive and healthy way through our sessions. I will work with you as a guide, clearing the fog, so informed decisions can be made resulting in a more rich and fulfilling life.

TIPS: Please don't set your focus on timeframes. I can give you a timeframe as it is during the reading but it can change due to free will and choices. A reading is a tool for your path in life, timelines are what destiny and fate controls. Let go and let God!

Keen does NOT allow readings to be done on investments, lotteries, securities, legal or health questions so please save time and energy in not asking. Readings are for entertainment purposes only!
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