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Hi, I'm Nicole. I have many years of metaphysical experience. I work closely with my guides and yours to find the answers and solutions you need to get the best out of your life. I am very accurate and honest with you. I will tell you the truth. I dont sugar coat things. I am clairaudient, which means "clear hearing" I hear/feel thought forms that are vibrating on higher levels, I am clairvoyant -"clear vision"- I see symbols and get impressions and images...I am able to feel the thoughts and feelings of those around you and see who is coming and going in your life. I do this by "seeing" the energy around you, by closely examining your aura I am much like a doctor making a diagnosis, I can see where there are blocks or leaks in your energy field that are directly affecting your evolution as a person and as a soul. Its up to you to use this information to your advantage and see how it fits into your life. I will let you know the possible outcomes of your situations based on the decisions you make, the path you take and where that path will lead you. I hope to empower and heal you, get you in tune with your higher self and change negative outworn thinking patterns. I am able to take on and feel the thoughts and feelings of of others by picking up the vibrations and sound waves of only thier first name. I never ask for birthdays. My readings are not based on astrology. My information is solely channelled from beyond. Sometimes I am able to connect to your loved ones that have crossed over, depending on my connection with you and how open you are. They may pop in to say hello or give you a message of love. Lastly..Do not call me if you plan on "testing" my abilities, as this is not a circus trick. I need you to be honest with me as you would like me to be honest with you. I dont judge you. I wont throw in my personal opinion. Please have a question or area of focus for me to look into as its difficult to just pick things up without knowing what I'm looking for ..until the reading gets flowing, since I rarely use tarot cards or any divination tools... its most conveniant that way for you to get a more accurate reading. I look forward to speaking with you and empowering your life!
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