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Ondrea Lynnee
Ondrea Lynnee
Guidance from the Angelic Realms
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When you just need to know! My intuitive guidance comes to me through my angels and guides. I am quick, honest and to-the-point.
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Ondrea Lynnee is a devoted advocate and practitioner of the intuitive and spiritual arts and she genuinely loves being of services to others through her intuitive readings. As a guide, Ondrea Lynnee's style is compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental and she has a strong connection to the ascended and angelic realms. Her deeply introspective and inquisitive nature helps those she works with tap into their own authentic thoughts, feelings and beliefs that can underlie the unpleasant situations in which they find themselves. From her personal experience, Ondrea Lynnee understands this work can sometimes be challenging, but when done with a sincere heart, the reward is always worth the effort.

In addition to being a professional Psychic Intuitive, Ondrea Lynnee is a Reiki Master and a Past Life Regressionist. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology specializing in Applied Spirituality from Atlantic University, in addition to studying a wide range of subjects including intuitive and psychic development, energy healing techniques, meditation, dream interpretation, mediumship, the tarot, candle magic, and much more.

Approach to Topics
How can you get the most out reading?
I prefer my clients to have a clear question that they want to focus on (no matter what that question is) because it allows me to focus specifically on what most matters to them.

What is my reading style?
I am compassionate and honest – you may not always like what you hear, but it will always be right on time.

What makes me unique as a reader?
I sincerely have my client’s best interests at heart and want them to live their best life. That is why I work specifically with my angels, guides, and the ascended realms, including developing my own personal relationship with them, so I can be of service to each of my clients providing them with meaningful insights and messages from which they can benefit.

What are your strongest psychic and intuitive abilities?
My strongest abilities are clairsentience and empathy, which means I have a great capacity for feeling, especially emotions. But I have learned that this ability does not operate in isolation. Along with feeling emotions and sensations, I may also hear words (clairaudience), receive mental pictures (clairvoyance), or just have a sense of knowing (claircognizance).

What tools do you use when doing a reading?
In addition to my psychic and intuitive abilities, I can use the tarot, angel oracles, and my pendulum.

What is something you want all of your clients to know?
I want all of my clients to know that they are intuitive, too, and that they can tap into their own intuitive wisdom for guidance and insight.
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