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I am not a book learned or class learned reader. I am a natural psychic, and have been so since birth. No one taught me to be psychic, it is a God given gift that comes naturally and accurately for 50 years. I am an intuitive empath, which is a person with the paranormal ability to feel and know the mental or emotional state of another individual. I often feel the intentions, actions, and words of others. Many clients say that the words I use are exactly what someone said to them. I see, hear, feel, sense, and know. I teach seminars, and workshops. I teach people how to align themselves, live spiritually, pull happiness towards themselves, and allow things to flow naturally, to be their very best emotionally, spiritually, mentally. I teach people how to be their happiest.

I give nonjudgmental, kind, great detail, psychic advice showing you several difference paths so you can make you own best choices. My readings are not general but detailed and custom for you. Other readers call me. I have developed my own techniques to help couple’s communicate, bond, and to help you find your true love. I have worked with thousands of couples on line and in person for close to 50 years. I can give great details about a person, and what they are thinking and feeling, and intending to do. This is both professionally and romantically. I aim to give you a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. If you are stuck on your true path, I can help. It doesn't matter how much I might have to help another person, it only matters if they're ready, willing and able to receive it.

I give names, dates, details, emotions, past lives, descriptions, paths. I am on current contract with a multi million dollar company. By entering their work place, meeting the employees, I can weed out the bad apples, saving the company millions from sabotage, theft and law suits. I have worked with Universal Studios development. I read privately for many celebrities. My clients are sent to me. I don not seek them. After many college degrees, and other careers, I was constantly pulled back into psychic work. Clients are sent to me, I do not seek them out. I am an ordained minister. I have studied everything including Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism. I I love to observe other religions and learn from them. I believe in prayer,and its awesome power. Many of my friends come from different spiritual beliefs. I learn a bit from all of them.

I am a class C, state licensed FBI checked Private Investigator. I am also a class A, agency license holder.I am a Certified Life Coach, and winner of the top 20 readers in the world, in an international competition. I will never try to up sell you with spells, rituals, a cleansing, or to email you in a panic that you must call me immediately. Instead I offer to you a detailed thorough reading, with details, details, details, customized for you. I provide many free minutes, and often some clients have gotten over 30 minutes free. I also offer email follow ups, and answer all your questions by email. I am a medium. Spirits and deceased appear to me, which was scary at first. It can happen during your reading. I believe in signs, dreams, past lives, guardian angels and spirit guides. I can tell you about your past life, who your angels are, how to communicate with them, and how to interpret your dreams and signs. I can also tell you WHEN to expect a sign and what kind of sign. I teach and educate to help your spiritual level. I was one of the originals hired on Keen in 2000 and have been here 19 years. My private practice has been over 50 years. Longevity speaks for itself. You can trust me with the intimate details of your life. I am verifiable. Keen is wonderful, if you don't choose me, please choose one of the many wonderful readers on Keen. Having worked many sites, Keen offers integrity, accuracy, compassion, it fulfills a real need. Allow me to help you. Please call me. Go with longevity, truth, accuracy.

Approach to Topics
Welcome. I am an empath, not a mind reader. I use my unique and God given gifts to empower you, teach you, guide you, for you to CLEARLY see everything around you, so that you make your best decisions. My approach is to quickly give you all the facts and to email anything you missed. I read so that you see a window into the mind and heart of others and a telescope into the fine details of your job, career, life..

Do not let the price scare you as I read quickly, with great details. The words I say, many have said they heard exactly from their loved one or coworker. I don't fish, intimate, judge or scare. No birth date, city, or full name is needed.. I immediately tell you the thoughts, emotions, intentions,actions of others in your life. I read structured situations such as if your job will close.
I can give you warnings, so you are prepared. I give you the heads up on the good and bad, so you know what to expect and teach you how to respond. I read for you, then tell you how to deal with it for the best results. What good is a doctor who diagnoses, but doesn't treat. I diagnose, explain, and help FIX. For close to 50 years, longer then most readers, I have helped people get what they want. Also, if its not obtainable I am honest enough to tell you, I will not string you along, with changing time frames.
I am quick, thorough,detailed, in tune, compassionate, non judgemental, and helpful. Your reading will never leave you confused Each reading is unique and different. Sometimes not everything is meant to be shown until the time is right. My help is unconditional. I send free minutes, I send follow up emails. I offer help, without you going broke. My help does not end when you hang up. I don't believe in a client becoming psychic dependent and often cut clients off from spending too much money, and help them free by email, at my discretion. I believe in karma, so everything I tell you is the absolute truth, exactly what is shown to me, no more no less. I want good karma for you and me, so pure honestly comes from me.

I want your trust. For over 50 years I have been entrusted by foreign royalty, holly wood stars, professional athletes, and business professionals. I am on the personal payroll for a multi billionaire dollar corporation. My private clients leave me star struck and impressed. I need security clearance to read some of my private government clients, who call to this day. I am flown to various places to read for people. I have the TRUST of people who can afford to be choosy and call the best of the best. I have the trust of those who put me on their payroll. I go into their corporation and read 200 people and pick out the 2 or 3 bad apples, that takes genuine talent. I have the trust of those with money, who have their business, marriage, paths, happiness, and dreams on the line.

To me people are people, and you can trust me. I give my best to the poorest and the richest. I give my best to those who understand, and those who need more teaching. I give my best to everyone. We are all made in the imagine of God, and we are all important and equal. I can help you align yourself with the source, to feel better, and bring better to your life. With my ability to do past life readings, dream interpretations, and crossed over readings, I bring a lot to the table and to you. I have had my gift since I was a small child. At that time it wasn't believed or respected. Over time psychic work became respected and needed. I was approached twice to be promoted on TV, and in the world. I prefer not to be a performer splashed on newspapers. I prefer to read one on one and help individually, so you get the most out of it. Go with longevity, truth, accuracy. Lastly, I am generous. Not just with emails and free minutes, but in life. Sometimes I give clients 2 page past life readings for free, and 2 page dream readings for free, at my own discretion, when spirit says to. My aim is to help you with all of your life questions.
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