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Psychic Melodie
Psychic Melodie
Love, Romance, Dating -- Soul Mate questions
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I am a Professional Psychic Astrologer and Relationship Counselor. My goal is to not only tell you I see, but to help your current trajectory, in order to achieve the outcome you desire.
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I am a professional astrologer and spiritual advisor with more than 30 years’ experience. I am proficient in astrology, tarot, numerology, Feng Shui, and many other mystery schools.

While I do consider myself psychic, I absolutely subscribe to the belief that we all participate in our destiny. For this reason my forays into the psychic sciences has repeatedly led me back to the fascinating, interminable and wondrous world of astrology.

I am a writer, teacher and counselor — but most of all a student — of this fascinating study. I have an extensive clientele, both locally and internationally, thanks to the advent of the internet age. I write horoscopes and tarot scopes for numerous psychic sites. I am a member of AFAN, NCGR, ISAR as well as numerous other astrological organizations.

I have been offering psychic readings — in person, online and over the phone — for the last 30 years. First in my community, then on 800 and 900 lines, and now on the internet. I specialize in love and relationship readings but am also quite comfortable looking at career, education, money, family, relocation, legal issues, etc., as well as emotional and physical well-being.

Approach to Topics
I am a Social Worker by trade and an Empath by calling. I've been consulting with and reading for clients for many years. I do not offer "general readings" because I don't believe they serve anyone, outside of carnival fortune telling booths. I am much more interested in getting right down to business and working with you on manifesting your highest goals and desires.

I'm a natural intuitive counselor and life coach. I'm friendly and non-judgmental. I truly want the best for you, even if that means helping to you to let go of what you may presently wish for, in order to make room for what you ultimately deserve.
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