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Psychic ORA

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735 readings since 2019
Powerful Channeling
"ORA has other worldly gifts there is no debate about it, I've talked to many psychics and let me tell you...nobody and I mean nobody has measured up to ORA's psychic abilities. Her delivery is just astonishing." Christina
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About Me
About Me
"The Spirit Whisperer" is what they call me. A natural born Psychic Channeler, experienced Shaman. I use Telepathy to read the person of interest's Aura, energy, feelings, intentions and direction. I use the art of shamanic journeying to receive my
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I connect with your energy as soon as you begin to speak, I only ask your name, your question, and the name of the person of interest if there is one. I do not use tools, nor do I need DOB, please make sure your questions are specific. I use my