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"PROBABLY THE BEST READING I'VE EVER HAD. I feel stronger emotionally and spiritually” Seen on PBS, I KNOW what THEY are feeling and what YOU need to do to create the life/love/career you want! Top empath, expert on pets too!
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I have been an empath, seer and medium from birth. I went through pain in learning to handle my sensitivity and work with my gifts, rather than be drained by them (yikes!:), I am now devoted to helping others learn to work with their own sensitive and empathic natures as well.
Do know that all of you other empathic folks are SO needed at this difficult time on earth... no matter how it may seem. I can help you understand how, and how to cope! Too many of us sacrifice our own energy and needs, but doing so is one of the main reasons you may not be attracting the people, situations, success and/pr peace you want in your life!.
A Buddhist/Taoist master taught me how to keep energy flowing and in harmony (the best method to make your life work overall). Training from other Shamanic teachers, Hindu and Christian saints of profound paths help my readings have depth and insight beyond the norm.
I am also a former social worker and now a certified life coach, both of which keep my feet on the ground, even as my guidance goes high. We can all learn to be like trees, like mountains... with our feet deep in the belly of the Mother and our heads in the stars.
I pull from this rich background in all of my readings. I have been seen on PBS, heard on The Real Dr. Doolittle Show and have been a top reader internationally since 2010. NOTE: I/we can not give medical diagnoses or treatment or legal advice.
Approach to Topics
- you long for a reader to tell you honestly if, for example, that relationship can work,- and if not, IF you can make changes that may help. Or know how to move on even if painful.
- or when and how to land that job, make your current one better or when/how to start your business! I work with many entrepreneurs.
= or, most of all, how to deepen your own spiritual connection. so you can better draw what you want while you learn to work with what you have.
My approach is both mystical and practical. I will leave you feeling heard and empowered, whatever the probabilities I see. Too many readings leave callers dangling, waiting for an outcome, or, worse yet, powerless. My readings are designed to answer your questions AND help you have the love and life you want rather than just be a victim to the probabilities we advisors may see for now..
Finally, I am kind, honest and sincere. I know you are calling about sensitive issues central to your life!
As an empathic/psychic reader who can see and feel blocks in your aura, I can read quickly as I do not use tools I read the probabilities likely in your situation (as few things in the future are carved in stone, but depend upon choices we make) and, together with YOUR input, point you in the right direction.
Please do have specific questions ready to help me tune in quickly (I expand out from there) and tell me first names of anyone you want to know about as I get feelings very accurately that way. While i help in all areas, I am especially helpful with relationships of all types as I tune into feelings and needs clearly.
I need specific questions, I don't do general readings. My replies are quick and kind yet direct. I understand if you want to test us, just know that, I do not read well that way. Instead, I think you will see quickly if my answers to your truthful questions are accurate.
I witnessed much trauma, pain and disappointment when in social work. I have also seen amazing healing possible with spiritual work,. As a result, I can handle most any topic, and I hope to help those who truly want to transform their lives.
FYI, while I am very accurate with feelings, I do not get names or specific dates. Time frames are always the most difficult to call, no matter what anyone says, as there are so many moving parts. I will answer your questions in a way that will empower you.. and do my best to help you have a more happy, prosperous and peacefully fulfilled life!
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