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Psychic Virginia West
Psychic Virginia West
Fear Not the Dark ~ Step Into The Light
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My connection with Spirit the Divine Conscious Energy of the Universe allows knowledge & guidance to be received for your highest good.You can be empowered . It is time to step out of the DARK and into the LIGHT !
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I have been away from Keen for the past 7 years since I was primarily working on another platform whose name I can not mention . I have since returned to Keen solely and completely & I look forward to reading for you and helping bring forth the clarity you need in this moment to begin your personal healing journey whether that be spiritual , mental or emotional healing . Conflict , grief , betrayal , unforgiveness and even loss of self from life’s stress and traumas requires healing and psychic energy when it serves the light is positive in giving you insights to assist you in this process.
Psychic energy is at its best when it is vibrating at its highest for the highest good of all . In that state it is a express of divine love and is healing in its love essence .
My name is Virginia West and I am a Multi-generational natural born psychic . My spiritual ancestral roots traces back to Celtic Druids of old . Which were converted as many where to Catholic Priests . Our clan originated is what is known today as Ireland .
Having such a rich spiritual & bloodline inheritance has been deeply beneficial with a long list of seers and visionaries in my family . A deep tie to the earth and it’s mysteries and sky and it’s planets and stars . Doctors and midwifes in our family also navigated the everyday lives of others through astronomy and futuristic messages hidden within the movements of the heavens of the divine universe.
My current home that I was born into was very much abundant and open to all of the mysteries.
Each and every member of our bloodline is very gifted spiritually . Even though the gifts that we have received are as unique to each individual member they are always ever present .
I had foreknowledge of events way back even as a toddler precognition was running strong in me . And a high level of empathic ability always insured that I was aware of how others were feeling and thinking around me .
My grandmother a American Indian , practiced the old shaman ways and was additionally psychic as well as she always encouraged the use of my gifts . So as I was nurtured so where they .
This may sound strange to others outside of the family but this was everyday normal to me . And the evidence of the spiritual world was so evident that there was never a reason to question why we were different from most other families.
Just like I said before this was our normal . And the paranormal was embraced fully and was essential to our well being just as much as shelter and food was .
People have come to me for advice ever since I was a child still so it was only natural that the next step was to read professionally and I have done so successfully for over 20 years now . I have also Mastered the Tarot and Pendulum and find them useful along side my clairvoyance and empath abilities in showing the underlying energies .
I reside in Nashville the Beautiful State of Tennessee.
Approach to Topics
The focus of my approach on your readings starts with your personal spiritual energy which I connect to empathically and then through clairvoyant vision . Then the focus goes to your questions and any persons of interest connected to your reading and their person energy and how it interacts and mingles with your own and the positives and negatives of that connection . Then the focus on the specific questions that you seek the answers too and the energy of those situations and outcomes .
Once all the connections are made which takes a lot less time than you would think then the particulars of your questions come through along with any added messages from your guides and angels regarding the query .
This information is then validated through the tarot and even the pendulum at times . Sometimes even further information and detail of hidden aspects of the circumstances and roots of the issues at hand are revealed as well . But it isn’t always needed in order for you to get the psychic insight required to make the best choices and to improve your outcomes . Thank you for considering me as your personal spiritual advisor and I will endeavor to give you my best if you should choose to trust me to help . It is a honor and a blessing to be able to serve you . I do not take this responsibility lightly . Stay Blessed in all things and owe no man nothing but to love them until we speak or meet again stay well .
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