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Readings By Rayna
Readings By Rayna
Voice sensitive with degree, clairvoyant, empath
10 minutes for $1.99
My work is psychic with a spiritual flavor as I get vibes when reading energy. I have been on a quest in my own life, and want to offer a vision or light on your path to guide you to a new multi- awareness. 60000 readings
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My psychic abilities became evident as a child and I have been doing this work professionally over 25 years ago. My recent education in shamanic studies has only advanced my understanding of clients and helped me be more receptive to messages from my guides. Before this I studied metaphysics and received a Masters in Science in Metaphysics and continue to advance my knowledge of the unseen with meditation, prayer-work, and working with clients.
Siince my trauma (near-death experience) my gifts which I always had, became more clear and strong. I use many different gifts in the same reading and have continued to expand these energies over the years. Among the training I have received is Ayurvedic Studies regarding life balancing and health, Reiki Master with Usui method, Shaman training with Sandra Ingerman, member of International Healers Association, graduated from massage therapy training with 500 hrs training in Vibrational Healing and Attunement. Completed a Master in Science in Metaphysics. Completed the Hypnosis course with Delores Cannon (QHHT) for Past LIfe Regression work. Studied also with Caroline Myss , author and medical intuitive. Life time member of ISSSEEM which is the INternational Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine. Master Psychic on KEEN since 2003.
Approach to Topics
Siince my trauma (near-death experience) my gifts which I always had, became more clear and strong. For a time I was suspended in the ethers connecting with my mother that had crossed over not long before my accident. She told me that I was going to do this work. The way I connect most rapidly is through your voice (voice vibration) but I also use EMPATHY (feeling how you feel, feeling how they feel), CLAIRVOYANCE (seeing visions), and PROPHECY (seeing the future).
I am so honored that you are here with me and happy to speak with you about anything that you are dealing with whether a relationship or any other issue. Every question is welcome and cultural and spiritual background I meet with enthusiasum and non-judgement.
Please know that I will be FULLY PRESENT with you during the reading working with my Guides. My commitment to healing is my life work and it transcends any job title. I work in the energy of the Highest Love.
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