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Simply Grace
Simply Grace
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Confused about your relationship? Not sure what to do next? Call one of Keen's best top rated advisors for amazing insights into your situation!
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Hi and Welcome! I have been an advisor with Keen for 17 years. My gifts include: clairvoyance -- the ability to see images/signs/symbols, clairaudience -- the ability to hear messages, clairsentience -- the ability to sense information including one's true intentions, and claircognizance -- the gift of "knowing" and discerning truth from falsehood. I specialize in love relationships and have been referred to as "One of Keen's Best-Kept Secrets!" My gifts are natural, so I do not use tools. I am honest, ethical, and highly accurate. Call now -- I look forward to connecting with you!

Please leave your honest feedback after each call. It helps customers like you know which advisors to call. Thank you in advance. I appreciate your business!
Approach to Topics
I usually only need your name and any other name(s) of people you're asking about. I will also ask that you tell me what you're calling about (i.e., what would you like to know; what, if any, specific questions do you want to ask about your situation, the person(s) involved, the issues that are concerning you about yourself, etc.). I'm not a mind reader, so prepare to also be an active part in your own reading. A psychic reading with me should feel like a conversation with a friend. Please also don't "test the psychic" by giving false information or withholding important details, etc.; your reading can only be accurate if you're willing to be honest with me.
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Simply Grace has been a user of Keen since 2003. Getting Life Path & Advice advice from Simply Grace through www.keen.com is safe, secure and confidential.
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