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Get The Power Of Seraphim On Your Side with Snowfire. In Depth No Nonsense Clairvoyance ~ Clairaudiance Aura Reading. Accuracy to the T! ~Believe In Love~ Perhaps, Hidden in plain sight?
My gifts are: Clairvoyance, Clairaudiance, Mediumship and spiritual insight. How about your pet's? Want to know what your pet is thinking? Give Snowfire a call, with the experience of a lifetime, having pets, and wildlife of all sorts around, there has never been a time in my life that was void of pets. Dogs, cats, horse's, wild and tame birds, racoon, even those little chipmunks, and wildlife of all sorts, we have them all, no cages, animals have been a source of experiencing the world of the spiritual though nature Here you will learn what is in your lover's heart. Do you blend well with one another? Are you the priority in their life? By looking into the Rose Mirror together, we will view your love how they truly feel about you, and you will leave with a good understanding. And you will know if there is a spiritual connection and/or material bond between each one. Come and see what the Mirror of life holds for you and your lover. You will know if it is true love, hot passion, marriage or simply a friendship they seek. Be sure to watch for special rates on all Snowfire's page's. Thank you, and May God Bless You.
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12/02/2008 Dear Snowfirel, I just wanted to Thank you again for the wonderful conversation we had on Tuesday. Just in case you don't remember I am October 6th and my new friend DJ is Dec. 11. You gave me such great insight, after our conversation he called me to tell me again how wonderful it was meeting me. And I almost melted.....The insight you gave me regarding my aura helped me to put things in perspective. You are awesome, and I pray that God continues to use to to Bless and encourage the lives of those who continue to seek life's goodness. I can not wait until our next conversation, please remember me.....the singer with the rainbow colored aura.... I was trying to find a place were I can comment to our reading, please advise where I would find this. Peace & Blessings Tyaisha Mignon"

Negative feedback without cause is vicious and unfair, I have never left it to anyone else, and I expect them not to harm me. Thank You for understanding
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