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While I specialize in relationships, I am happy to answer questions about prosperity, career, and life paths.
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I’ve been reading tarot for more than 20 years and have been reading and working with energy for more than 30 years. I’m a certified Spiritual Life and Relationship Coach, as well as a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. I’ll help you find your way to alignment with your goals and guide you on the path to connecting with your hearts’ desire.

🔮 What are your unique gifts?
My unique gifts include being empathic, clairsentient, clairaudient, and sometimes clairvoyant. I’m an energy worker who can help with clearing and balancing your energies. I also connect directly to the energy of a person or situation in order to discern their feelings or the emotions behind a situation.

🔮 What are your unique skills?
I am very talented in long-distance energy work including clearing and balancing chakras. I am also talented in automatic writing and interpreting messages from spirit in a way you can better understand than you might on your own.
Approach to Topics
When you chat with me, you’ll get insight into the situation most primary in your mind. I’ll help you understand how your energy aligns with your goals and what path you can take as your journey continues forward. I’ll help you take steps to get into better alignment with your goals and help you design the path you’ll take to reach those goals.
You’ll get my interpretation of the energy surrounding you and your goals, as well as recommendations for making things better in the moment and for the long run.
I connect directly with the energy connected to you and your situation and share with you the emotions and details connected to that energy. I then share whatever energy, emotions, and messages from Spirit I receive.
You’ll get the straight shot from me. I don’t sugar coat what Spirit shares with me, so please be aware and ready to accept the messages I receive. You won’t necessarily hear what you want to hear, but you will hear what you NEED to hear.
I’m here to help you find your way forward and I will do my best to give you what you need to create and live in the life you deserve and desire.
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