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Psychic Empathic Answers for you. My sense of psychic perception and visions will help you find your truth. Your Angels have guided you to my site. Most questions answered in 5 minutes. General readings will require more time
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I have been a prophetic psychic seer since childhood as I have inherited my gifts from my maternal grandmother. I have been providing professional psychic readings since 1986, almost three decades. I am an adept astrologer as well as an excellent Psychic Reader of Tarot. I use a special technique as my deck has 160 cards, I have combined the Rider Waite deck with an astrology deck which lends itself as a tool to give more information than the traditional readings. My delivery of information, although always kind and patient, is based on total honesty even in light of the fact that you may not always like what you hear. I am very compassionate, hold no judgement whatsoever, and thoroughly enjoy reading for my clients.
Approach to Topics
I am an empath. Being an empath, I am a highly sensitive, finely tuned instrument when it comes to emotions. I feel your emotions, yes everything sometimes to an extreme. My special gift is to intellectualize your feelings so that you may ground yourself on this earth, stay in your body and make solid choices on a day to day basis. My intuitiveness is the filter through which I myself experience realty and give myself to you as a tool to better see your situation and move every so carefully to attain your final and desired end result. I use my special psychic gifts to hone in on and recognize the sources of negative energy that may be impacting your life. It is my desire and pleasure to enable you to redirect your own energy and choices so that you are no longer negatively impacted by yourself as well as those around you. I work from a grounded and rooted perspective to enable you to change your pathways so you may gain your desired goals both short term and long term. As an added perk, I am an adept astrologist and Reader of Psychic Tarot, I have combined the Rider Waite deck with an astrology deck which lends itself as a tool to give more information that the traditional readings.
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