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Turquoise Dreams

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The Dreams of The Divine are Manifesting NOW!
Let your soul's deepest questions be answered and your heart and mind be healed. I look forward to helping you discover your beautiful journey in this lifetime.
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About Me
About Me
Greetings! I am Turquoise! I have been a reader for 10 years and I love what I do! I decided to make it a business in 2017 after loved ones kept telling me to start for 5 years straight! I use God, my angels, and ancestors to help with whatever
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
Using my spiritual team (God, Angels, Ancestors), I search the deepest parts of your subconscious and energy, I watch as it plays out in my cards, and I relate to you, the inquirer, about what it is I see. I do not believe in sugarcoating what is