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In 1983 I was fortunate to meet a woman that became my psychologist and spiritual teacher. For ten years I studied with her and her healing group to learn psychic healing, psychometry (reading of objects), numerology, plus+
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My family always talked about interpretation of dreams and visions. My mother would call me from time to time checking to see if her dreams about me were true. She also spoke of a vision she had of St. Martin during the difficult birth of my aunt's premature baby in the l960's. The baby survived and was named Martin. As an adult in 1983 I met a woman who became my psychologist and spiritual teacher/adviser. She had a Monday night group with clients she felt had psychic tendencies. She called it "coming out" because even though she was always aware of her abilities, they became apparent while she was in college. For ten years I learned a variety of methods to develop my psychic ability such as psychometry (reading by using people's objects, belongings), saging/purification of homes (ghostbusting), numerology, runes, tarot, crystal healing, chakra balancing, akashic records, spoon bending and many more. The most important thing I learned was that we are all connected and can contact each other at all times. I am sensitive to spirits and have had many vision of people that have passed-including people from my family and those of people I have read. An artist I saw this spring reminded me that I had done a reading for her at a mutual friends party in which I saw her with Dustin Hoffman. She had no relationship with him but mentioned that she saw him at an art opening soon after the reading. I also have my own personal symbols that come up during readings. For example, "Gladys" signifies babysitters.
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As a visual artist I am accustomed to tuning into my senses and high power/s to develop new ideas. The spiritual adviser/and psychologist ,who was my teacher, was a Gesalt therapist that taught me to tune into the pictures I saw during my psychic healing. When I do a reading I focus on the person before me and begin to pick up images, words, sounds etc. The telephone and internet are great transmitters for people's energy. Sometimes people are afraid that I will see more than necessary. I was taught that nothing the person wants to reveal will be divulged. I use tarot cards in a non-traditional way-more as a focus. This is true of Chinese astrology, numerology, graphology and psychometry (reading of a person's objects). I also use sound, chanting, for chakra cleansing and balancing.
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