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Truth Finder Kristen
Truth Finder Kristen
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Energy Reader - Accurate Predictions - Life Coach
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Thank you for taking the time to connect today, my name is Kristen - I am a mother, photographer/videographer, coffee addict, fitness lover and night runner!

Ever since I was a younger I knew something was different about me. Dreams would manifest in the real world, I would get strong feelings towards someone and accurately see their intentions in my mind. When girl friends would ask relationship advice I would often times know if a connection would work out or not. It was a blessing and curse. Before I knew what any of this meant, the most terrifying of experiences often time involved me hearing faint harsh whispers and smelling scents that no one else could.

I grew up in the Catholic School system, obsessed with history, wondering a lot about the great unknown.

On a few trips I took mysterious things would happen…. I visited Salem one year and while on a tour in the graveyard I captured a smokey like image in one of the photos. I had not seen it with my own eyes and tour guide herself was intrigued. I received my first negative experience on a tour at Whalen house. It was during a that visit (on the middle top portion of stair case to be specific) I suddenly was in pure panic. My heart was racing and I became sweaty, but with no known reason why. I was so baffled I looked to my aunt who happened to be right behind me but she just said she didn’t feel anything. The reminder of my time in that area I felt like I was being watched, in my hotel room, at dinner, just walking down the street in daylight! I tried to shake it off but when I came home I had my first two week long sleep paralysis experiences. It wasn’t until I verbally said stop a loud, nothing came about after (that was 11 years ago and haven’t had an episode since). I knew a female energy attached themselves to me, curious about my open energy and followed me home.

I could go on and on about each experience I’ve had but these were profound ones that awakened me. Forced me to look for *more*. It wasn’t until 2021 I wondered what made me different or more sensitive? As I am adopted with no idea about my biological family I decided to take an Ancestry test. It was then everything in my life made sense. I found out most of my bloodline stems from Mohawk tribe, wolf clan. That a distant great aunt was one of their most well know seers in history. She was known for speaking with the dead. So my night runs and gifts were explained. Since then I’ve work tirelessly to sharpen my skills professionally and on this platform.
Approach to Topics
I will need your name in order to begin. Please come prepared with in-depth questions. The “how do they feel about me” isn’t what you desire, dig a bit deeper than that. What is it do you desire to know?

I must warn you I move rather quickly as thoughts and feelings come to me all at once (sometimes even out order). If you’re looking for someone to put together a story for you, I AM NOT THE ONE. I read reality not a fairy tale.
If I don’t know something I will be upfront and let you know. I don’t know every detail of a situation unfortunately (no one does). But I will provide all the information I do know.

TIMELINES: now for some reason I typically see numbers that equals *time*. I found it’s either days/weeks/months. I sometimes have a feeling about which it will be but time is irrelevant on the other side so it becomes hard to decipher. A lot of readers talk about *free will* yes it is a thing but typically if something is going to happen ITS GOING TO HAPPEN.

It is my life's purpose to help others find balance.

Please Note: During our first reading I do try to give you the whole energy story of your connection, not just what happens over the next couple weeks or months.

Some people like having daily or weekly check ins which is fine but I do suggest making sure past predictions come to reality first.

If you have a problem or issue please reach out to me so we can figure out what is going on, especially if a message feels unclear. I prefer ping messages because I am alerted when they arrive.

Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 98
  • Kind · 95
  • Detailed · 94
  • Helpful · 94
  • Accurate · 91
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