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Psychic Services to guide you through all aspects of life. Psychic, Intuitive, and Tarot readings. 25-year Experience in Psychic and Business fields. Friendly, Reliable, Holistic. Direct answers. No woo-woo. Call or chat now.
> Is this YOU? . . .
o Do you want further direction in your life or wonder what its purpose is?
+ Are you planning a change in your business, career, residence, or partner?
o Have you had precognitive dreams, extrasensory perception, unusual coincidences, or past-life recall?
+ Are you stressed out emotionally from everyday living?
o Has a loved one recently passed on and you feel the separation?

> Is this YOUR LOVE LIFE? . . .
o Are you wondering what your partner is thinking and feeling?
+ Is your partner running around on you or just absent emotionally?
o Have you been fighting a lot and are facing a breakup?
+ Were your phone and Facebook blocked and now you're ghosted?
o Are you hoping to reunite with your ex?
+ Is dating turning into a mating game?
o Are you wondering when you'll meet your soulmate or the one?

If YES, contact Frank Michel of Psychic Services for a consultation. Friendly, reliable, with over 25 years experience in the psychic and business fields. Holistic orientation. 9,500+ readings overall on Keen since 2002.

o Love, relationships, and soulmates.
+ Marriage and family.
o Holistic health and home.
+ Business, job, and career shifts.
o Education.
+ Financial prosperity and goal-setting.
o Dreams, ESP, and meditation.
+ Spiritual development and life purpose.
o Mindfulness and harmonious living in the now.
+ Specialized issues for military/veterans, LGBTQ, women, men, and students.

He's available for immediate consultation at the rock-bottom rate of $1.99/minute, or Bookmark this Keen listing to use/share.
Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Family/Friends Love/Relationships LGBTQ Issues
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyant Dream Exploration Tarot
Approach to Topics
Your Questions Answered -- Psychic Services by Frank Michel -- 1 (800) ASK-KEEN, ext. 0175532.
He's clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. Frank sees, hears, and senses from beyond.

~ His psychic tools are your FIRST NAME and DOB only. Just ask a question and get a quick response from spirit. He'll guide you with a direct path of action, as well as give you a MALE PERSPECTIVE especially on relationship issues. Though he does not determine whether your person of interest is cheating -- you do that discovery -- he does advise you on how to deal with it. ~

Are you ready to resolve your personal issues by messages from spirit or the Tarot, as well as goal-setting, real-life strategies, and compassionate recommendations?

STRAIGHTFORWARD ANSWERS and INSIGHT empower you to change your life no matter the challenge or difficulty. No woo-woo. No sugarcoated messages transmitted, so you don't stay stuck in a rut or feel down on your luck. The messages reflect your needs, not expectations or desires.

An emotionally painful situation is sometimes your greatest teacher to strengthen and transform you. Remember, you're a work in progress on your journey through life. Accept yourself warts and all, but be ready to create positive change one step at a time. You can do this!

NOTE: Frank does not rubber-stamp unrealistic expectations, as proven at times by one-star ratings with fantastical feedback not based on fact for 4- and 5-minute chat sessions. He provides psychic insight and practical info/advice so you can cope effectively with your challenges and disappointments.

He doesn't fix your life; you do that by taking responsibility for personal empowerment. Trolls will be blocked after first vengeful incident, so stop one-star madness/negativity, set realistic goals for yourself, and be respectful of Advisors by practicing the golden rule.

> KEEN VIDEO (1:17-minutes) Things you should know BEFORE GETTING A PSYCHIC READING. Please watch.
[www.facebook.com/KeenPsychics/videos/1473948312619201, or https://youtu.be/8iDY_LyyS9o]

> BLOG ~ Includes these two relationship articles for you and your significant other:

o THE OTHER SIDE OF CUPID ~ Steps to heal when love is heartbreaking.

+ IS THAT ALL THERE IS TO RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIAGE? ~ Improve your relationship or marriage by asking the right questions.

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