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Advisor Suzan
Advisor Suzan
IN LOVE? CONFUSED? I Will Tell U How He/She Feels!
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I have 30 years experience (15 years on keen) helping people find the answers they need in Love, Career, Money & Spiritual Guidance. With Clairvoyance and Empathic abilities i can give you clear, strait and honest answers!
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Having inherited my gifts and have been practicing my abilities as psychic seer all my life. I've been providing psychic empathic and clairvoyant readings for many different people from all walks of life without judgment and with understanding to the situation always knowing everyone's circumstances are different!
Approach to Topics
Would You Like To Know What He/She Is Really Thinking & Feeling?
Through a Psychic reading Combined With My Gift Of Clairvoyance As Well As Being Empathic I Can Give You Complete And Clear Answers To Any Questions You Have!

I Have Over 30 Years Of Experience Working With Many Different People From All Walks Of Life And With Many Different Situations!

I am Not Judgmental Or Unsympathetic To Any Situation! I Will Not Only Give You The Answers You Need But I Will Also Give You The Solutions To Your Problems With Respect To You And Your Situation!
I Can Give You Answers To The Questions:
~~What Is Your Love's True Intentions ~~
~~ Is Your Love Cheating ~~
~~ Will He/She Leave The Other For You ~~
~~ Will You Ever Find Your True Soul Mate ~~
I can Help You,
~ Save Your Relationship & Make It Stronger ~
~Help you get past a Broken Heart and lead you to your True Soul Mate~

With so many things going on in each of our lives, It's easy to start feeling lost and begin to doubt ourselves.
I can give you the strength and knowledge you need to approach any situation with confidence!
knowing the truth is giving your self the gift of peace & Understanding!

I am Also able to help in other area's of your life such as Money, Career and, Family giving you answers to clear and find your true path to success!

I do Chakra Cleansing as well as can help release Spiritual Blocks standing in your way.

God has given us the gift of freewill, putting us in control of our own destiny, what we do with that great gift determines our own happiness and pain!
Take Control of Your Destiny! Call Now And Find Out Whats Ahead For You!!!

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  • Honest · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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