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Allie Theiss
Allie Theiss
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I am the "go-to" girl for otherworldly and physical romantic/love relationships. I can inform you about the feelings of their souls and the thoughts of their minds. My readings are fast, accurate, and to the point.
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I'm a 6th generation psychic who started using my gifts at the age of 5 & have been helping people for over 40 years. I learned magic & healing from my grandmother - wrote 4 books (Gypsy Magic for the Soul) about spells, incense, sachets, & oils that WORK!

Soul mate discovery and research sent me down the path of OBE and twin flames. My book "Out of Body Ecstasy" has helped thousands with their heart's desire. Astral, telepathic, and dream connection can give you the anytime - anyplace ZING you need.

Working on a book "Soulful Connections" on what are soul mates, how to attract, how do you know when you find them + my experiences. I also have a site to meet soul mates called "Meet Soulful Connections."
Approach to Topics
Keen deleted my listings by accident & then reinstated them. However, when reinstated they lost all of my STAR RATINGS. So although I've been on here since 2007, it looks like I'm new.

I use my set of honed psychic skills to get inside the head of the other person. What do they want? How do they feel? Will there be a future together?

I use my energy skills to look with you and them to see if you are a good match energetically. I look at your energy to see what you need to do to get the love life you desire. For example too much red = a hot tempter + much passion & desire while seeing only a small portion of green means guarded - turned off from love.

(Bonus minutes returning clients!)

Looking at your energy I can also tell you what you need to do to become a magnet to attract a soul mate or twin flame. To attract the person of your desire.
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