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She really nailed his personality with just a name! I was skeptical but now I am a believer! AMAZING!
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I saw angels around my bed as a child later in my teens I had several prophetic dreams come true. I told several people about the dreams prior to the event and they are documented. My father and his mother had the ability also. If it goes back further in my family I do not have any records or stories of it. In my mid 20s a crossed over loved one came to me and demanded I relay a message to his daughter. After that message visibly changed her life I quit working and started offering readings for people in early 2000. One of those companies was a chat only reading group called Angels Play they decided to offer phone readings and we all joined keen where I have been since 2002. I provide straight forward readings. I am spiritual but not religious. I am a seeker of knowledge. I have read many religious teachings. Many Prophets were sent to the various nationalities of the world. Each offer wisdom. I respect all forms of spiritual seekers walking in the light.
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I offer non judgmental psychic readings. I can see what people are thinking and feeling off of a first name. Love is love whether you're having an extra marital affair or you're LGBT I will help you see clearly. I do not use tools and I connect very quickly without wasting your time or money. I am honest. I will try to break the bad news with compassion. I am a remote viewer I can use this ability to find lost items, pets, people, and see where and what people are doing. Frequently I hear messages while we are talking and and sense emotions. Often a Loved one from the other side will come through, I am a medium. If you seek me via chat I type quickly as well. General readings are not my thing I prefer you contact me with a clear topic or focal point. You can be vague and simply say, "tell me about work" or just give me a persons' name. I will prove I am accurate. Test Me!
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