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Will we reconcile? Is this the one?
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Done with confusion, game playing, hot & cold behavior and being ghosted? I will accurately and honesty tell you what they are THINKING / FEELING to give you a clear plan of action to move you forward!
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~If you are looking for direction and accurate answers and ready to move forward NOW to the love and life you desire, then allow me to introduce you to Annette Marie.

~ Annette Marie is a fourth-generation empath and psychic intuitive that has helped tens of thousands of people professionally for over 30 years. Twenty of those years has been on Keen.

~Annette Marie is a highly sought-after certified Master N.L.P. coach, Master hypnosis, T.I.M.E. technique, and E.F.T. practitioner. Annette Marie can teach you to collapse time, quantum manifest, heal your inner child and triggers. She helps you set the G.P.S. to best utilize the information in your reading.

~Annette Marie has been blessed to assist several A list actors and top athletes reset their mindset to achieve their career, life and love goals.

~ Annette Marie is passionate about assisting you and believes everyone deserves and can have the love (financial, career) life they desire. With the help of her guides, She will tune in to get you off of the anxiety roller coaster by giving you honest yet caring answers. Annette feels you should never live in false hope.

~ If your goal is to bring balance in love, life, career or finances and you are ready to make an inspired move for your highest good, then Annette Marie is your person to call.
~~~Are they coming back to me?
~~~Will he/she/they commit?
~~~Are he/she/they cheating?
~~~When will I find true love ( remember you are pure love)
~~~ How can I expand my current relationship?
~~~ Am I getting a raise?
~~~ Will I be able to launch my business idea?

~Thank you for allowing Annette Marie to be your trusted spiritual advisor. She looks forward to serving you as we develop a relationship on KEEN; all she asks is you be ready to hear your answers.

~Annette Marie believes in giving back by reaching 1000's of people through her online courses, free videos and ebooks and soon to be launched podcast. Feel free to request your own ebook written especially for keen callers!
Approach to Topics
~ Annette only requires your name and that of your POI to tap into the current energy and provide you with precise details of what she sees, feels, and hears.

~Please be clear and specific in your questions. The more precise the question, the deeper the vision and details.

~Annette Marie can assist you with precisely what your following communication (text, email, call) should be to your POI or the given situation to bring about the best possible outcome.

~ Annette Marie has helped many clients pick their spouses, all of which have resulted in happy, thriving marriages.

~ Annette Marie offers timing if you ask, but please note she will give a range on the high side. Timing is very subjective.

~Annette Marie is here to help you elevate your life. She believes love ( finance or life ) in general need not be challenging, and you deserve the best. Annette Marie will help you navigate your next move based on your reading to bring about an optimal outcome.

~Annette's guidance does not end when your call does; she follows up via email or ping if needed.

~Annette Marie wants you to have what you are seeking and tell you what she sees and feels with honesty and care. Annette, however, refuses to provide false hope if she does not see what you are asking.

~Annette Marie will listen to your needs and will not waste your time by going off-topic. She will discuss what you are asking about and do so without judgment.

~Annette Marie believes your reading should provide clarity to help move you to a balanced mindset and a precise GPS.

~Please do not copy and paste your question; this often does not save time and affects the quality of details in your message.

~Please note, Keen does not permit answering medical or legal questions.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Kind · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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