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An Enlightened One
An Enlightened One
All is Fair In Love and War....Or Is It?
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Give me a name and preferably a birthday and I'll tell you the truth. Let me give you peace of mind today! STOP wondering if they are the right match for you!
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I've been doing psychic readings for over ten years now. I've been featured on a television program, that was never "green-lit" and asked to audition for countless others. I'm fast, accurate, and the real thing. Don't be afraid to reach out and call me today. I do a lot of work by chat on Keen and I found it to be much preferable than phone readings. If you'd like a phone reading, please arrange an appointment with me today and I will accommodate you. I can't wait to speak with you about the wonderful things going on in your future.

I've been asked to work for two television series. They were never green-lit however my skills were so that they were interested in featuring me on television as a psychic medium. It was fun and wouldn't mind doing it again.
Approach to Topics
When you click on the button to get a reading from me, please be relaxed and ready to receive the information. It helps a lot that you have a positive attitude about your reading before we connect! I love talking to you all and helping whenever I can. Please connect with me today and you'll get a very accurate reading.

I normally ask for a name and the first name of everyone involved. A birthday helps too. If you are uncomfortable with this, then you're asking to do "cold read". I don't do cold reads because I read energy. Be sure that you're in a quiet area and that you are sure you want to know everything about your situation. I won't lie to you nor tell you things to make you feel better. I believe in "Ethical reading". I don't want you dependent on me for making decisions in your life. You ultimately make your life how you want it. I don't. I can just help you steer you to the right direction.
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