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FAST PRECISION! ANSWERS AWAIT! Will give you clear accurate insight and feeling into your situation! MAY THE FORCE BE WITHIN YOU! Please Read Entire Listing to Know More About Me!
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Disclaimer: ****YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER. This is for entertainment purposes! By agreeing to be read, you have accepted what is to be conveyed to you on your own free will. Eva DOES NOT offer medical advice. For Health related issues, please contact a healthcare professional. Eva DOES NOT offer legal advice. For legal issues, please contact a law professional.***

A KEEN advisor since 2007!

Eva comes from a long line of natural generational seers and powerful practitioners from both sides of her parents' lineage.
She is Scorpio in the 11th house in both Tropical and Sidereal astrology, with her Moon being Cancer in the 7th House and her Rising being Sagittarius in the 1st house in Tropical.

Acknowledging her gifts early on in her childhood as early as the age of 5, Eva became aware of how deeply she was able to connect to others through deep empathy and hyper sensitivity.
She would feel very drawn to people by feeling through to their emotions and understanding their thoughts and thought processes. Later in life, she learned and felt that the strength of her abilities also had much to do with experiencing her first near death experience as an infant at 3 months old.
As she aged into her teens, she found that she was able to help those who had difficulty interpreting their emotions, pain, and life's circumstances. She found that she was always able to help people to understand their emotional burdens and help them to achieve strength to push through certain issues.
Eva has always had very vivid dreams, and many of them would end up being precognitive dreams that would often come to fruition for others and for herself. As she approached her 20s, the messages received through these dreams became clearer and became beneficial for others and for herself throughout the years.
During her mid 20s, she began to experience a deep sudden awakening that would not only enhance her clairsentient and empathic abilities, but kickstart and catapult her on a journey to come, into new found abilities of profound claircognizance and clairvoyance.
In 2007, Angelic Forces were discovered and became the driving force behind the visions and the higher understanding that Eva would attain. The visions, higher knowledge and understanding Eva acquired, were to not only become the foundation to professionally advise others spiritually and intuitively on KEEN's online platform, but for Eva to overcome much of the harsh difficulties from a consecutive series of extreme traumatic events with death, beginning with the sudden loss of her father the following year in 2008 to murder.
After her father's death, Eva experienced the sudden losses of close family members every following year, which included the loss of her 6 month old daughters to still birth in 2012 and in 2015. Through these devastating traumatic experiences, Eva attained a more refined and deeper understanding of sacrifice, compassion, inner awareness and strength, and has claimed her journey of the Wounded Healer and becoming a Death Devotee, to offer assistance and guidance to many by sharing her own story of transformation: Death and Rebirth.

Her message:

"I speak of and from my own pain and constant healing, so that I can possibly save someone else from the demons in their own mind. I want others to know what it's like to SURVIVE life's extremes and THRIVE.
So allow me the honor to help guide you in the best ways that I know how, and to allow me to share my insight and foresight with you!

Approach to Topics
Eva's approach is direct, forthcoming, and very detailed with the impressions she receives from Angelic Forces. Substantial results are achieved through her in depth readings, that will assist you along your spiritual journeys.

Everyone's destiny has the ability to change as nothing is set in stone. Predictions come to pass because they were meant to and during the time frame given. The reason for why many predictions are often delayed or do not come to pass, are either due to being protected from what one isn't meant to experience behind what they desire, not being the right timing for what it is one desires, and from our own actions which we create our experiences from the choices and decisions that we make. This is the foundation of what having Free Will to change circumstances means.

Guidance and clarity are a top priority of importance to achieve. So Eva having the abilities to help you to recognize truth behind blockages, will help to bring much sense to difficult meanings for you while on your journeys.


**you must be 18 years of age and older.
**no medical or legal advice will be given. Please seek professional help from those professions.

**this is for entertainment purposes only.

**email readings are not offered.

**Questions need to be clear and precise for a more clear and specific reading.

**It's a virtual impossibility to read within a minutes time. Eva cannot help you this way, as necessary clarity cannot be achieved. She takes out the time to be thorough with your readings, especially when using card spreads.

**Be considerate with any reader, as it's all about INTERPRETATION. TOOLS NEVER LIE! Readers with or without tools ARE NOT 100%.
Any reading can be different or similar due to the energy received, free will, and what SPIRIT would like to convey, no matter your inquiry of what you are desiring to know.

**Remember, what's most important is your Highest Good.

**Often it isn't meant for a question to be answered or a time frame to be given. SPIRIT always decides this. Some things are meant to be known through living and experiencing. And advisors are only channels and messengers for Spirit.

**Time frames are given when asked, and when they are given to Eva. Timing can change as outcomes can be altered by decisions and actions known as free will. SPIRIT may point out other issues that need clearing before a time frame can be given.

**Eva will not be rushed as she is not a machine. It's suggested that you MOST IMPORTANTLY allow yourself enough time to receive the messages that are meant to be conveyed. If not, please contact someone else.

**Sometimes names and DOBs are asked for reasons of clarification, since your understanding will be taken into consideration.
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  • Detailed · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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