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Anne Marie - Charismata
Anne Marie - Charismata
Love - the Foundation of Living. Discover.
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"We are born to Love, we live to Love, and we will die to Love still more." St.Cafasso. You first, you matter, your Heart is worthy of the purest Love. You are meant to have honesty coming from Messages of Divine Wisdom.
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Here is where Wisdom comes to You.Take a breath.
You can move forward with Legitimate Insight, which can ONLY be True because of its immaterial Origin.
Ethical, Precise; I'm a Clairvoyant Psychic by profession ! Divine Love provides.

I am happy to assist you, yet ethically, I cannot just tell you what you 'want' to hear. Please keep this in mind when choosing your psychic and relaying feedback!

This service is my Profession as of ~10 years! With each reading I aim to glorify the expression of Spirit (your term of reverence here), and how it may benefit you and your Loved ones. You have my full attention. I welcome all faith / non-faith backgrounds!
Specializing in providing radically authentic, Spirit-led sessions; being your bridge to Wisdom with sustaining clarity.

KIND NOTICE: To build energetic connection, I ask for first names, and for you to do a visualization that takes only seconds. This Psychic process is valid; not a "game."
There is no room for fabrication in my being, or this service.

My services are a great match for you if you are invested in the Truth, and in an honest, respectful interaction.
Being in a receptive state, seeking change and Information that is revelatory, and connects with your Heart specifically, here is an ideal place to be. Welcome!

My clients say they never feel judged by me. That is because my job is not to judge, but to use Psychic gifts to meet your needs.

__"Kindness is essential for accepting Wisdom and planting seeds of growth in our lives. I ask that you be kind to yourself, and kind to me as the messenger of Wisdom."

Sessions that have the most potential and discovery do not happen in isolation; we work together; your active 'presence' in the session opens many (more) doors!

I choose to live a sound, holistic Lifestyle that promotes being in a pure place to assist others.
In any way that your reading unfolds, there is always the underlying theme that leaves you with a message of resilience and optimism; that is Grace.
I support Joy and Peace of Mind.

Putting to service 'born-with' Psychic gifts for over 10 years as of 2021; Life-changing.
---I am passionate about using these gifts to bring uplifting and reviving qualities into people's lives. So, I am dedicated to helping another really find out what path may bring the most Joy and Beauty for everyone, as well as which paths to steer clear of, and why.

I would not be on Keen if my Services were not consistently accurate and time tested (a person ought to expect at least 70% accuracy). Did you know? It is not in one's best interest to hold Psychic/Medium messages to 100% accuracy at all times.

Yes, in our session, by Grace:
__I can tune into the thoughts and feelings of another and convey those to you.
__Tune into what his holding up the situation.
__Tune into what, specific to your situation, may free the situation, bring in new Life, new zest.
__Tune into forms and levels of infidelity as well as fidelity that may not be expressed verbally (yet).
__Tune into how to help bring what is right in front of you INTO your Life, when it is for your highest Good. It is important to dream; those Heartfelt dreams are often indicators of positive change that is available to you when you are ready.
__Tune into time frames. "Spirit-time" is not set in stone and a lot is up to your choices after the session, but there is still some more guidance than none!
__I am here to guide you through changes that seem difficult. With the power and blessings behind Psychic gifts to accompany you, hope is revived.

Insight into the "bigger picture" comes with the intention for the loveliest benefits to your Life.

Thank you for seeking a broader perspective with my caring assistance.

My KEEN Listings
Copyright 2021.
Approach to Topics
If you feel that my reading style or the Messages are irrelevant to you, or what is really on your Heart, kindly tell me as soon as possible during the Reading.
Interrupt and Speak up! This is important for your Guides to know; we then re-direct.

Kindly be informed upfront that I do NOT offer the following services:
Witchcraft / Occult - Tarot - Numerology - Astrology / Zodiac / Horoscopes - Past Lives Readings - Entity Clearing - Chakra Scanning - Lottery - Pendulum Predictions - Curse Removals - Spells - Pregnancy.

I use zero tools, zero drugs.
I do ask for your first name, the name of any potential person of interest, and we do a mini-second breathing connection; this happens to be the unique route my Psychic Clairvoyance best fine-tunes to you and your situation.

Here is what you may expect from a reading with me thanks to Spirit:

--Honesty and Integrity: I am ethically bound to stay true to the Messages I am receiving and I honor the Source of those Messages.

---I use names and a simple mini-second VISUALIZATION to tune into you and your situation; it literally takes seconds!

‚Äč---I may ask, "Does this connect with you?" "Does this resonate with you?" Your reply helps me to navigate going forward in the reading. This provides validation; I dig deeper and stay on target.

--I strongly aim to use this "pay-per-minute" platform optimally for your investment. This means I intend that each moment may be built on a strong, unmistakably accurate connection with your resonance that is useful, meaningful, of the Highest Good; ensuring your Messages from Spirit connect with you. My fast typing helps for Chat (with a few typos at best!).

--The Messages given are Truth for today and meet you where you are. You play an important role in keeping the Messages alive and interpreting them for your Life.

--While staying faithful to your Messages, I also work in an empathic, compassionate approach. I aim to help you feel trusting and at ease, to know you are NOT being judged at all, and that no matter how sensitive the question or topic, I am here - along with our Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Divine Love, Higher Self/Consciousness etc. - to guide you through the session with care and my undivided attention.

Y o u are the one seeking,
you matter, your Heart is worthy of the purest Love.

I will be very glad to connect with y o u !

I reserve the right to end any session with an abusive client.
The sessions that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do, including any actions you take, with the information that I give you, is based on your own personal responsibility and choice. All sessions and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons, we must advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. My services are not a substitute for professional services, and it is advised that you ought to seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.

Copyright 2021 Anne Marie at Our Charismata.
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