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Apache Widow
Apache Widow
A Wise Woman Will Give You Guidance
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Destiny is not a matter a chance, it is a matter of choice. I can help you clarify your choices.
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Whatever your personal issues may be regarding love and relationships, Apache Widow, truly a wise woman, will provide you with a new depth of perception and awareness along your pathway.
She is gifted intuitively, thoroughly skilled and practiced in the art of reading the Tarot.
As the Seeker, You have many Questions and Concerns. All of which are equally Important. She takes all Your Questions and Concerns very seriously.
With her Moon in Pisces, She often Knows the Answers without the cards. However, she uses The Tarot; ensuring that her clients get Both Accuracy and Complete Honesty. She will always tell you the truth and pray for your success.
Apache Widow, through her intuitive ability, combined with the reading of the Tarot excels in giving insight and guidance to you, the seeker.
Somewhere there is a unique life role that only you can fill. When self doubt arises, seek the answers, follow your instincts. That is where true wisdom manifests itself.

You are formed by the choices you make. If you repeatedly choose to do the honorable thing, you become a honorable person I can help guide you through your series of choices.
Approach to Topics

There are always questions that arise in some form when two people share their love, their time and their life.
People change, relationships change, sometimes dramatically and without warning. You find yourself at a crossroads, with the question being, where do I go from here? And how realistic are my expectations? Love, definitely at times, can be blind, deaf and dumb. But one must never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.
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