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This is my life's work. Let my experience help!
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Should you stay or should you go? It's a torturous decision and I can help you make it. Let's figure it out together! ~LGBTQ+ ally~ Clients new to Keen and on promo, ask me how to get free minutes!
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My name is Olusha (o-loo-sha) and I've been doing tarot card readings for friends and family for many years. I love the feeling I get from connecting with that spiritual side of myself and of life when I read tarot. I firmly believe that there are things in this life that we can't see or understand while we occupy these Earthly vessels. I have faith that they guide me even though they are unseen.

I will ask you to provide me with a specific question that I can focus the reading on. It's best to keep the question specific enough to provide structure to the reading, but general enough to allow whatever information the cards have for you to flow through me. I can also just provide a more general reading on large topics like love life, career or family.

Time frames are important to people and I completely understand that. However, please know that I personally use a structured method for getting time frames, but it allows the tarot to refuse to give one. Why? I believe that time frames mess things up more than they help. Things change and focusing on a time frame can lead us to overlooking opportunities, getting stuck on the time something's supposed to happen and overlooking other ways it could be happening.

You will hear me shuffling cards, as I do have an actual physical deck here with me. If you ask ahead of time, I’d be happy to tell you what cards come up in your spread and explain their meanings. Please ask in advance though, as I read intuitively and quickly these days and don’t keep that information in my head for more than a few seconds usually.

I promise that you'll have a relaxed, fun and interesting reading with me and I'm not “all business.” I'm a great listener and oftentimes find that people who want a tarot reading also just want someone to listen to them and help them think things through. I'm here for you! I'm an amazing friend, daughter, sister, mother and I've had a wide variety of life experiences that will help me help you.
Approach to Topics
With only the tarot, I can see so much about what's happening around you, what will happen, how people feel, what they intend to do. Relationships are very difficult and sometimes you need someone who's impartial to help you figure out what's really going on. I'm a traditional tarot reader, which means that I pull cards for every question and I am somewhat limited on the type of information I can access. I can tell you how someone feels, but not where they are. I can tell you what's likely to happen, what someone is going to do and what their perception of a situation is....but giving motivations behind their actions is harder. I read cards, not minds :-)

Please, no open ended timing, legal or health questions. Also, PLEASE no calls under 5 minutes. If my day is interrupted every 5 seconds for a 3 minute call, I feel very disconnected and chaotic. Callers who are rude or who spend fewer than 5 minutes on a call will be blocked. Thank you! I appreciate your understanding, sometimes my career can be very demanding and difficult...these small concessions make a huge difference to me.
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