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**Want to know INTENTIONS, SOLUTIONS, OUTCOMES?** See into the MIND and HEART of anyone. ROMANCE LOVE CAREER MONEY. Info from SPIRIT GUIDES + ANGELS! Worth TWICE THE PRICE. 48Yrs.Exp. PhD/Spiritual Counseling
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As a result of an auto accident and an unexpected trip to Heaven, I became immediately psychic.

In spite of this gift, I sought traditional careers first in Theater, then as a Vocal Coach, and ultimately as a C.P.A. and Professor of Accounting. While the few friends who knew I was psychic were encouraging me to "do something with this", I resisted. But I did begin the formal study of Spiritual Counseling, became a Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regression Therapist, a REIKI Master, and established a very vibrant healing practice that rivaled my C.P.A practice in terms of number of clients and gross revenues.

In time I had to admit to myself that the results achieved with my Metaphysical Practice was infinitely more satisfying than anything else, and I took the leap of faith into building that practice many decades ago.

The Metaphysical world has afforded me untold experiences with everything from being able to help people become addiction free, to seeing those who have passed on, to bringing peace and healing to people by being able to tell them messages from their friends and relatives who are on the Other Side.

The most thrilling experiences of all are the Animal Readings I do. The very first time I "heard" my friend's horse, Count, tell me things about his life, I burst into tears in the middle of a Horse Ranch where he was living. After Count pointed out to me that his water bucket needed filling (it did!), and that he would very much like to be taken on a trail ride (he was injured and confined to his stall so he couldn't go out on the trail), he "showed" me with telepathy what a beautiful horse he was when he was young, and how he loved to jump and win blue ribbons. (I verified this with his owner as true.) He then looked at me with huge brown horsey eyes, filled with wisdom and intelligence, and he said to me - get your hankies out - "They don't make me pretty any more." My heart dropped to the ground. He was right! He was old, and shaggy, and his mane needed to be brushed, and pulled, and braided, and his back leg was stiff and swollen from his injury. Although he truly was cared for properly, he knew "they don't make me pretty any more". There were no more special shampoos, hair trims, glossy coat finishes, fancy saddle cloths, expensive saddles, and specially made tack. No ribbons had been braided into his tail for many years. People would walk by him, and not notice him at all. So I got word to his owner by way of a mutual friend, and his owner built a barn and paddock especially for him, and within a few months, Count had his "palace" and I hear that he is now getting special grooming and a ribbon or two in his mane for good measure.

Another friend of mine has a cat named Boots. I asked Boots, when I first contacted him telepathically, "What do you LOVE more than anything else, Boots?" And Boots showed me a picture of a little baby animal underground. It looked like a baby gopher, and he let me know that he was a world class gopher hunter and he loved it! I knew he lived on a Ranch and had his job cut out for him chasing barn mice, but I'd never ever heard my friend say one word about Boots and gophers. So I figured I'd gotten it wrong. That evening I told Boots' Mommie, my friend, about the image Boots showed me and she said, "Oh he LOVES GOPHERS more than anything else in the whole wide world!"

It is THESE experiences with the wholesome animals of our world that are teaching me, each day, about the potential purity of us, the humans who share their world.

With degrees in Music, Accounting, Business, and Spiritual Counseling, I still found myself most often asked to do a reading for friends. The unexpected gift of being psychic was something it took a while to embrace, and few people knew about this portion of my life. The people who were aware of my abilities really encouraged me to offer readings to the general public - something I resisted for quite some time.
Approach to Topics
With decades of experience doing over a quarter of a million readings, I've found there are as many "approaches" to a client and a reading as there are people, so I adjust my approach to agree with what is most helpful to each individual.

The goal of any reading is to give YOU information, support, answers, guidance, direction that YOU CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE. That is the primary value of being in touch with a really good Psychic Advisor. You can get hugs and opinions from friends and family. You can get all kinds of Medical and Therapeutic help across many spectrums in life. You can find spiritual sustenance with many different practices, from Meditation, to Yoga, and various religious beliefs and experiences. Each of these is extremely beneficial and often necessary for a well-balanced life.

But there are moments when you NEED ANSWERS. You NEED INFORMATION that is not available any other place, from any other source other than the excellent sixth sense and Clairvoyance of a really good Psychic Advisor. I am very aware of this, and tailor your reading accordingly.

When you open your heart and mind to the Angels and Spirit Guides that I work with daily, you enter the realm of Infinite Information, wisdom and knowledge. In that place of purity and peace, everything is made available to you for your growth, understanding and well-being. The Higher Realms provide any and every avenue for you to use for your own enhancement whether that be a personal relationship, a successful business, or insight into others' thinking so you can enjoy more congenial friendships.

Healing comes in many forms, and I've studied a wide variety of methodologies which I use for your inspiration and enlightenment. Depending upon your needs, and the time we have available during our conversation, I use some or all of the following skills, training and knowledge: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsensience, Remote Viewing, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, and the lesser known Metaphysical Arts of Runes and Cartomancy.

Once I access information from your Angels and Spirit Guides, filtered through my own Angels and Spirit Guides, and we converse about what I'm seeing, feeling, and sensing about your situation, I can and often do suggest many ways to help you find your way to a higher state of happiness. People who regularly visit with me, and seek my counsel, often find they themselves become much more intuitive, tuned in, and in some instances, my clients became very good psychics themelves!

First names and birthdates help me as a Psychic to "find" you in this vast Universe, quickly and efficiently. It's like a GPS system, or the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates for your energy. Once I tune in to your being, your lovely aura and soul, I encourage you to ask me your most important question worded very precisely. Surprising to me, when I first worked with Angels and Spirit Guides, is that these lovely helpers from the Other Side really are very smart but they won't do our work FOR US - we have to come to them with our own homework completed in the form of well thought out questions and needs. Don't worry! If you tell me what situation you are in, or your dilemma, and you are too upset or worried to be clear headed, I can help you sort through the mental fog and find out the core of what would be most helpful to you.

There isn't a soul on Earth who doesn't need a listening ear, a kind heart, and a look into that vast array of Spiritual Knowledge where REAL TRUTH LIVES. We all have our individual, special pathway, set out for us by the Creator, with much free will and choice left to us so we can explore, grow, and become our best selves. Reach out and supply yourself with a bit of Angelic Guidance when you need it. It can make a big difference in your life. Some people share with me that they sleep better, think better, have more joy and confidence after a reading with me. I hope you have those results as well.
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  • Accurate · 99+
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