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Fatal Flaws, Deal Breakers, Yellow and Red Flags! Are you struggling with a challenging relationship? Want more revealed about your partner? Want psychic insight into workable solutions? Call Me
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Since I was a little girl, I saw things and knew things I had no way of knowing.

Some things were very frightening like when I was 7, during a family outing to an orchard to pick apples, I was afraid to get out of the car because I "saw" a woman hanging from one of the apple trees.

Blurting out what I was "seeing", my mother reassured me that it wasn’t real, that it was something that happened a very long time ago and there was nothing to be afraid of now.

I was not reassured. I was terrified especially knowing a lady did hang herself in that orchard. That ended our apple-picking day.

My dreams were powerful too. When someone was about to pass over, I would dream that the phone was ringing; when I answered it a voice would tell me who was about to pass or who had just passed.

This psychic phenomenon, known as precognitive dreams, still happens to me.

As I matured, I immersed myself in studying extrasensory skills and abilities, anything in the spiritual realm that would help me understand what I was experiencing.

I was especially drawn to Jesus’ supernatural ability to read hearts and minds and to heal people, sometimes just by touching them, or like the time when he spits on the ground, making mud that he put on a blind man’s eyes, restoring his eyesight.

Not sure that American medicine and big Pharma would approve of that medical technique, and mainstream religion would call it Pagan.

I was also drawn to herbs, essential oils, flower essences, beautiful minerals, and crystals. To me, all things natural are created from the same life force and are to be used for our benefit.

Unfortunately, the different spiritual teachings clashed with each other. So, I left the labels, the cliques, and the organizations to become spiritually independent.

Although I’ve learned about psychic skills, and methods including all the fancy French terms, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience to list a few, I just consider myself an imperfect person who continues to focus on refining my spiritual abilities, not as a "Fortune Teller" but to be of help to others.

There are hundreds of psychic advisors on Keen and I don't promote myself so if you find me, you were probably supposed to.

As a natural, soul-sensitive empath, with more than 25 years of professional experience as a psychic advisor, I specialize in love relationships.

So, if you're struggling with a challenging relationship, want more revealed about your partner, or simply want further insight into your own personal experiences, read my feedback and if you feel a connection to me, I invite you to call me.
Approach to Topics
Since I specialize in love relationships, my approach is simple. I ask for first names only, your question, and your point of focus. What is it that you want to know?

Usually, I start by focusing on both of you, both of your thoughts, feelings, and intentions toward each other. What plans, if any, do both of you have for the future?

I look to see where your energies blend and merge or may be misaligning.

I'm dedicated to providing you with accurate, penetrating, detailed insight,
with compassionate support and guidance.

Although I speak the truth, your messages are delivered with sensitivity and compassion.

Falling in love is the easy part.
Building a fulfilling, satisfying, lasting relationship is the real challenge. Isn’t it?

Many fall in love for all the wrong reasons:
• Because they're lonely or afraid to be on their own
• Because of the need for physical intimacy or
• For financial security

Selection error is another real challenge.
• She wants marriage, he wants casual;
• He has commitment issues, and she's convinced she can change him;
• She ignores his streak of “Bad Boy”; she likes that about him until he cheats;

When a relationship falls apart, it breaks her, and wonders how she could be so blind or worse, she asks the 'Why Me' question which is a slide into victimhood.

After enduring heartache, she may start looking for answers. Calling a psychic advisor can be quite revealing.

So, If you are:
• In Lover's Limbo, confused, uncertain, and don't know where you stand;
• Wanting psychic insight into your lover's thoughts and feelings for you;
• Wondering what your partner's true intentions are so you can
• Decide if your partner is the right one for you;
• Want to know where your relationship may be heading?

Call, Arrange a Call, or Make an Appointment with me.
I need your question and first names to get started.

Please read my Feedback Comments.
If you feel a connection, Call Me. I'm here for you.
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