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Struggling with a difficult relationship? Want deeper insight? Want more revealed about your partner? Read My Feedback. If you feel a connection, Call Me.
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
From a very young age, I saw things and knew things (some scary) I had no way of knowing.

Here's one of my more unforgettable experiences when I was 7:
During a family outing to an orchard in our hometown to pick apples, I was afraid to get out of the car because I "saw" a woman hanging from one of the apple trees. Blurting out what I was "seeing", my mother reassured me that what I was "seeing" was a vision of what happened a very long time ago and there was nothing to be afraid of now. I was not reassured. I was terrified. That ended our apple picking day. What 7-year-old child wants to know about, never mind "see" such shocking images?

As a child, my dreams were powerful too. When someone was about to pass over, I would dream that the phone was ringing; I'd answer it and a voice would tell me who was about to pass or who had just passed. This phenomenon still happens to me.

As a natural, soul-sensitive Empath, with 25 years of professional experience, a range of psychic skills and abilities, I specialize in love relationships.

If you're struggling with a challenging relationship, want further insight into your own personal world, want more revealed about your partner, read my feedback and if you feel a connection to me, I invite you to call me.
Approach to Topics
"All You Need Is Love”
“Love is all you need
Love, love, love" __The Beatles

Remember those lyrics?
It's true, isn't it?
We all need to love and be loved.

Don't you wish it was that easy?

The easy part may be falling in love.
Building a fulfilling, satisfying, lasting relationship is the real challenge. Isn’t it?

Many fall in love for all the wrong reasons:
• Because you are lonely or afraid to be on your own
• Needing sex and physical intimacy
• For financial security

Selection error is another real challenge.
• She wants marriage, he wants casual;
• He has commitment issues, she's convinced she can change him;
• She ignores his streak of “Bad Boy”; she likes that about him until he cheats;

When the relationship falls apart she berates herself and wonders how she could be so blind or worse, asks the 'Why Me' question which is a slide into victimhood. After enduring one too many heartbreaks, she may start looking for answers. Calling a psychic advisor can provide quick insight.

So, If you are:
• In Lover's Limbo, confused, uncertain, and don't know where you stand;
• Wanting psychic insight into your love's thoughts and feelings for you;
• Wondering what your POI's true intentions are so you can
• Decide if your partner is the right one for you;
• Wanting to know the highest probability as to where your relationship is heading,

Call, Arrange a Call, or Make an Appointment with me.
I just need first names, your question, or your point of focus.

I'm dedicated to providing you with
accurate, penetrating, detailed insight,
with compassionate support and guidance.

Please read my Feedback Comments.
If you feel a connection, Call Me. I'm here for you.

P.S. About Predictions:
I offer the highest probabilities, not absolute, 100% guaranteed predictions.
Want to know why?
1. Because Predictions Take Your Power Away.
2. Giving your power to me and my predictions means I take on accountability and responsibility for your decisions and I refuse to do that. Why?
3. Because you have Free Moral Agency, the right to chose, the right to decide, and the right to create the kind of life you personally want to live. You can and most likely will refine your thoughts, gain a new perspective, and change your feelings, and intentions which will change the time frame and the ultimate outcome of any prediction. All of the above applies to your POI also, if not more so.
4. Even the Creator, in His infinite wisdom, can foreknow but chooses not to interfere with your Free Will.
5. If you want predictions rather than probabilities, search for the Fortune Tellers on Keen and those psychics who promote themselves as having the spirit of prediction.
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