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Awakened Consciousness
Awakened Consciousness
A Seer Sees & Feels Your Lovers Heart.
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Truthful readings with Heart. " excellent as always, detailed and to the point. past predictions have come true." Transformations bring new opportunities. Psychic Love GPS On today & arrange a call.
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Her DOB is known as the day of the mystic. I believe the intuitive mind is a sacred gift & I'm honored to use my gifts to help you see the possibilities. [email protected]@k forward to connecting with you! Intuitively gifted since childhood. When the door opens you step in. My superpower is Empathy this is how I can see and feel your lover's heart! I have worn many hats in this lifetime and others. 6th-degree empath A certified professional Past Life Regression Specialist. Future Progressionist and Life between Lives. Soul Entrainment Practitioner. Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner. Doing readings for decades. A published spiritual author. Shhhh Don't Talk About That! A Child's Journey & How Spirit Unleashed My Potential. I have recently made some time slots available for you on this platform.
Excited to have a new product launch coming soon. Those of you who take my survey will get survey results and the soft product launch with a huge discount. Your input and time will be rewarded. I will also send1 free minute to add to a reading. Please put in survey keen so I may find you with your keen name in the other box provided. https://tally.so/r/mDq1OR
Approach to Topics
Gifted with Claircognizance a compassionate reader of situations however, my style is inspirational. A Clients' well-being is my top priority by helping you see the choices you have right in front of you. Kindly leave feedback after your reading. Keep in mind I am only the messenger nothing in life is 100% certain. We are given Free will to choose from. There is never a dull moment for this dedicated reader who believes in the words of Einstein, the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Gail is honored to use her gifts to help others see the possibilities that await. Sometimes we can't talk to family and friends, the need someone outside of the situation to see clearly. I have been away from this platform for a long time hence the reason you do not see ratings that are to old. I am just a phone call away...

FYI Please know that if you are doing 2-3 minutes you may be left with some unanswered questions, which may add to your frustration. It's better to wait until you can do 5-10 minutes for a better [email protected]@k. This way the reading is not getting continually interrupted with 2 & 2 Ect. this fractionates your reading. Penny smart and dollar stupid causes more stress and leaves you feeling worse in the end. Blessings to you all in this world of major change.

Your Time & Money is valuable as is mine. My intention is to help you to the best of my ability with life's hurdles. I walk in the healing world, the solution world, the abundance world, a spiritual warrior world. I will give you the truth with compassion and kindness. Knowing the truth, and knowing the options gives you the knowledge and power to make the best choices for your highest good. I am only the messenger I can't do the work for you, I can help you understand choices so you can navigate the right ones for you.
Rewards for action takers who invest in their precious time, money &
energy with me by getting an actual reading. 1 & 2-minute readings are counter-
intuitive a waste of your precious time, energy & hard earned money. You are calling for help, for answers why are you shortchanging yourselves?

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