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Some people think DRAMA is all a part of love and realationships it is not sometimes, our views become clouded with emotion, let me look past the Drama and tell you what I see and feel is going on around you.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
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LGBTQ Issues
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Women’s Issues
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I love to take selfies ! So write my ext down because I change
my looks with my mood :)

People with bitterness , live with bitterness
people with sweetness can carry thorns in their heart
but still love
be kind to people.

Hi All, I know that it can be confusing when it comes to matters of the heart because I have been there so many times, I used to seek guidance from my granny and I lost her five years ago. I feel the old kitchen table guidance is the best that's why I talk to my clients as if they are home with. me, I am a clairvoyant I see things in my mind, I hear things, I feel things I am a very strong empath I can not be in crowds for that reason. I will give you a reading which you can trust and always know you have free will even if a psychic doesn't se it at that time does not mean it will never happen and always keep the faith and trust your gut! I am here for you xooo Bell Margo

diclaimer- time frames can not be gaurnteed due to a person's free will.

Good law of Attraction techniques to study are , get a text meditations, get a call meditations. Imagine seeing them with their phone choosing your number then seeing your phone in your hand seeing their number come up and feel how happy you would feel ! Remove a third party ..imagine they come and tell you, I broke up with them and you laughing saying I knew it !" Imagine the third party walk away and you two walk hand and hand down a boardwalk... these are some simple vizualizations and they work. YOU MUST FOCUS ON SELF LOVE !!!
Approach to Topics
I talk to you just like 'Spilling the tea" I love to gossip. chit chat and I will tell you exactly what I see, hear or feel. I do not sugar coat and I use a conversational style of reading. I just ask you to be respectful because sometimes people can be a little bit too "Grouchy" and I like to keep an upbeat atmosphere so when we part ways our energy is not drained and we both learn something !

I am open to LGBTQ, I am non judgemental about age of the lady and the guy being younger..I am interested in all you say and I am here for you. I just don't sugar coat but I do tell you that even if I don't see it right now, does not mean it won't happen and I believe in keep seeing your dreams in your mind's eye!!
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