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Carmen miro
Carmen miro
Time travel with the Tarot *Empath Specialist
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Call me for a sincere, experienced and in-depth analysis of people's intentions. Ten years of professional Tarot! Read my theories on Telepathy and Empathy in my articles.
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Fascinated by language and art through cultural immersion, I was inherently delighted by what people taught me, and I sought to comfort through them how I wanted to be comforted. I learned the ways of non-verbal communication through having traveled the world in remote regions, or having lived the most culturally rich or developed areas which has made me adaptable and interested in anthropology, art and the sciences and I continue to be fascinated by mankind and our contribution to this day. Love is my joy, and I want us to love. I began work on other psychic services and developed the ethos of in the last decade which has helped host me as an independent consultant to list on Keen.com and I began my career as a freelance writer in 2007. I also love communication and all associated with it. I run my own business, and I now research. I am also an artist and designer.
Approach to Topics
Empathy is the sharing of emotion, the sharing of feeling. Inspired like many through the science fiction novels and movies of youth, the concepts of telepathy emerged. I finally found an outlet for my talent through the Internet and began to work on empowering women away from the idea that the 'prince' was going to come and ask them out. I wanted them to perhaps figure out just how insecure their prince was, and perhaps figure out a way to ask their prince out. So empathy was born. We were going to empathize with the prince! Empathy was also brought out of a very naive idea of wanting to soothe a sorrowful world and bring a more helpful form of counsel to a very misunderstood people. It is meant to be a way of peace, of compassion, and understanding. It is a form of what most people would term as telepathy, and with Tarot as my tool, I can work with this as way to see the future, though I find I am best to investigate, analyze, find detail, and find minutiae which will help you feel like you have more of a vantage point over your situation. You are meant to understand the person you are inquiring about, not manipulate or control the person. I will endeavor to help you find this point of understanding with a more psychological perspective, as I prefer this approach, with a less spiritual perspective.
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