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With an Accurate Intuitive, You can Bring to Light the Core Meaning of Your Experience. See the Nature of Your Circumstance & Enliven Your Vision.
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I've maintained a successful practice in Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Counseling, and Mediumship since 1984. I began to offer predictive psychic readings at the age of 10. During my adolescence, I worked with Tarot cards, and in 1981, I became a devout pupil of the I Ching. For more than thirty years now, I've relied on my connection to two spirit guides, along with clairvoyance and clairaudience, in my work with clients who wish to receive guidance about their lives and the future. As a Spiritual Healing Facilitator, I've seen wondrous healing and recovery in humans, animals, and plants, using Reiki and a blend of other energy balancing modalities, including my own inherent hands-on and long-distance ability. I am a "cafeteria" Catholic, and I believe in and follow the tenets of Non-Duality. I've had one literary novel traditionally published, and it is being adapted for a screenplay. I helped Chef Paul Prudhomme write a cookbook, worked for radio psychiatrist and best-selling author, Dr. David Viscott, sold fine art in Beverly Hills, traveled the world, and I've lived in a number of America's most beautiful cities. I hold a BA in Literature from the University of Texas at Austin, and I have conducted graduate studies in Literature and Creative Writing at University of New Mexico. I've also attended UCLA, University of New Orleans, and Tulane.

TAKE NOTE: Timing is relative, dependent in part on the mental/emotional state of the client and/or their POI. It is most cost-effective on Keen, a pay-per-minute site, to ask specific questions. Please do not request a General Reading.

Approach to Topics
Know That Somewhere In This World, The One You Seek, The Love Of Your Life, Is Searching For You As Well. Perhaps You Have Already Met. In Reality And In This Moment, He Or She Is As Close To You As Your Breath....

Find The One, And Recognize Love When It Finds You.

A Spiritual Futurist can Discern and Translate the Energy Patterns of What Lies Ahead for You into Everyday Language. I will Predict Your Future, and then Loving, Powerful Decisions can be made by You. Science and Spirituality are merging. The Art of Accurate Forecasting is Now Clean, Clear, Exact, and Immediate. It is a Knowing of What Can Be, rather than a Guess, and it is based on both Innate Ability and Educated Skill, a Beautiful Compilation of the Ancient and the New. Let Me Help You Have and Hold Your Dream, Your Love, Come True. Please Remember This...The Future is Not a Predetermined Certainty, but rather a Multi-Dimensional Set of Probabilities and Possibilities from which You Choose. I only Predict what is Possible, Probable or Likely to Happen. You are in Charge of Your Life and It is of Utmost Importance that You Understand Your Role -- You Must Help Your Destiny Become the Way You Wish It To Be, through Your Thoughts and Actions.

As an Intuitive I am able to Read Your Own Current Energy as well as that of Your Beloved. I can Feel their Feelings and Know their Thoughts regarding You Today. This is Not an Invasion of their Privacy. Permission is Requested of and Given by the Higher Self -- it is Rarely Denied if Your Interest is aligned with Integrity. Then, Spiritual Counseling can Guide You toward a Connection with the Best in Yourself and Your Life. Your Choices will be Wise and Grounded -- Your Present and Future Blessed beyond Imagining. Believe it or Not, Our Experience of Love and Romance is Meant to be Joyful and Trustworthy.

When I Speak of The One, I not only Refer to The Romantic Love of Your Life. I also Look at the Work of Your Dreams, the Place You are Meant to Inhabit, and Other Elements that are Unique to Your World.

People who choose to Punish the Adviser for Telling the Truth will Find Impulsive or Vengeful Actions Do Return Home to their Maker. It is Wise to Take a Breath and Consider the Road of Humility.
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