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A clairvoyant, telepathic empathic reader on poi thoughts, intentions, emotions, and outcomes. An honest straight-shooter who shares details with respectful transparency utilizing a pragmatic approach to provide clarity.
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There are four generations of gifted women in my family; my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and daughter. I became aware of my gift at the age of seven, the same age as my daughter. I informed my playmate, his father would be moving out, but don't worry, he will still come to visit and take you for overnight trips to his new home. The mother was furious. Unknown to me, my prediction was an upcoming separation and eventual divorce.
Approach to Topics
No holding back; critical details are provided. If you want more details, during the reading is the best time to ask for them. To focus on what they think, I need a specific area or question. For those who take time to read my profile and learn about me, I offer free minutes towards a follow up reading. I'm here to help, not judge.

Unfortunately, many read "Need To Know What They Are Thinking" and fail to recognize reading thoughts involves filtering through 12,000 to 60,000 personal thoughts per day to provide the information you are seeking.

Please note the following information, if followed, will enhance my ability to provide accurate, detailed information.

Please ask a SPECIFIC question using the name of your person of interest. General questions receive GENERAL and VAGUE answers. General Question Examples: "I want to know what my boyfriend is thinking about us" is exceptionally vague, along with "What will happen in my relationship with Tim? Or "What is Tim thinking" this also includes "What do you see in my relationship?" are general questions.

Specific Question Example: "Is Tim breaking up with me? Do you see problems with Tim and our relationship? Will Tim and I date? Or will Tim and I have a long term relationship?" When the exact specific question is asked, I can guarantee lots of detailed information complete with dates and timelines.

Everyone's gift and reading style are different. I am not fishing for information from you, and yes, your reading will change during the reading as you share additional relevant information. My questions help me to decipher and understand images and visions, I pick up during your reading. News flash: Psychics are not one size fits all. While I know, it's your money and your time, please try and understand, for quality and accuracy, sometimes you cannot have it your way.

I look forward to reading for you and send you kindness and joy along with a promise to always be upfront, honest, and transparent with you. That is as long as you are upfront and honest with me. Lying and withholding information only derails the accuracy of your reading.

Now let's talk feedback:

First, As a full-time successful HR Professional, I never have to make up stories to make money. That is not only foolish thinking but drifts into a strong overlay of overt skepticism and mistrust. It clearly states in my profile; I am not fishing for information from anyone at any time. Second, I never take two minutes to answer questions. If there is a delay, it's because I'm attempting to decipher visions and information before presenting it to you. I am completely respectful of your time and money. Additionally, I am known for my fast typing, which has been included in my feedback. Then there are the folks who spend over three minutes and then claim: we failed to connect. Why stay on the call? If the information does not resonate, I encourage you to end the call. Please don't waste my time on a call and put in the feedback we didn't connect. Hanging up is your responsibility, not mine.

Lastly, many like to leave bad feedback when the provided information doesn't match their desires and fantasies. I ask them to look beyond their desires and judge the reading on provided information instead of penalizing advisors for providing unfavorable information regarding your relationship.

I also don't participate in "test" the psychic. I will block future access to those who ask how many children do I have, what color is my hair, or what's my favorite dessert?

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