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Celestial Inspirations
50 yrs. exp. No Tools! Is it love or infatuation !
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Stressed, Depressed or Obsessed....Honest, Passionate and Compassionate. Whether you are looking for Advice, Confirmation or Validation. No Judgement and No Tools!
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Hello, My name is Kelly,

I not only possess the skills above, I am also a Licensed and Certified Heal Your Life Coach. Manifestation Coach, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor. OM and Reiki Master.

As a Keen Advisor - Medium. I channel the Spirit of God, Jesus, AA Michael, AA Gabriel and AA Raphael.

Here to share my gifts with you. To aid you in your journey for true love. To help you discern if this person is your Devine Equal, Is it love, lust or infatuation. Are they your Intended Life Partner or is this simple a karmic relationship.

Approach to Topics

Before we begin, please note:
As you can see as you scroll threw my reviews and feedback. I am known to be very compassionate and passionate about my work.

Advisors have no control over your situation. We are not God, only messengers. We are not here to be yelled or cursed at. If you do so, even though you may be experiencing a broken heart. I will end our session.

I am a Certified Life Coach, Psychic and Medium. It is my opinion that you should read an advisors entire profile and all reviews when selecting the best match for you and your needs.

My information comes directly from The Spirit of God, Jesus, AA Michael and AA Gabriel. Not from your energy and or hearts desire.

Matters of the heart are not always easy readings. Especially if a customer is not ready for the unfortunate truth.

My goal is to deliver all information as delicately as possible and exactly as it is given to me by Spirit.

Here to offer you peace of mind. Not here for entertainment purposes or to use my gifts to spy on your family, friends or acquaintances.

Sorry, I do not offer general readings. Please have your questions ready and or be ready to share the details to the situation you are wanting insights on. This will save you time and money.

Using my gifts, I will be able to tell you how he or she feels about you today. What the future looks like and how you may be able to shift your lack of love into something beautiful.

Note: if you are not open to hearing the truth: Good, bad or indifferent, I am not the Advisor for you.

Please feel free to check out testimonials From My Other Listings:
To include: Life Questions and Psychic Mediums.

I have several listings on Keen: Here are reviews from my listing in Life Questions where I offer more Intuitive Life Coaching.

1/11/2022 MoJo8791
I had a fantastic first call with Kelly. I walked away with applicable tools and a perspective that was clear and aligned to my current state. I feel prepared and ready to take action in my self-development!

1/10/2022 User865182
She is good and able to pick up your experiences very quick, bless you !

1/11/2022 beth5399
consistently very helpful
Yesterday Member28464287
Incredibly detailed, fast and kind!

1/9/2022 ago User34767054
Thank you!!! :) Very caring, encouraging, and to the point. Was accurate about my situation. Highly recommend!!!!

While I am unable to guarantee timing do to a person's Free Will. (know one can and or should) Free Will can change, delay and or postpone events and outcomes.

If you are going thru a hardship and if I have free minutes to offer.... I will share them with you.

Thank you and Much Love and Many Blessings to All.
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  • Helpful · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99
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