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Cherish One
Cherish One
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Accuracy, details, predictions that actually happen--That Is What I Offer. I will look into your world & connect you to the Power Spirit Source where true psychic answers are found. Truth, honesty and compassion. Call me now.
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Welcome to my page. As you can see, I've been with Keen since 2001. After over a year absence, you won't see all the calls and reviews I received--over 12,000 calls and over 3000 reviews). I am a professional psychic. I maintain a very long list of regular clients and I've come back to Keen to offer my services for those interested in precise accurate details that are honest and coming from real spiritual sources. My abilities are clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic.

Here's a few recent reviews from some of my loyal clients in my practice:

I have had several readings with others but no one and I mean no one is quite like her! She saw me shaking right as I was shaking. She read my man like a book. She also gave great advice. She was worth every penny and I will definitely be contacting her again.

Cherish is great to talk to and she will never judge you. She truly wants to help and does. I’ve been getting readings from her every couple of months for over a year. Over this time, she has actually been able to pick out specific details that have happened to me regarding my ex, as well as my work situation. She has been correct on multiple occasions. If you aren’t sure about getting a genuine psychic reading, but are interested, this is the right person. Well worth the price. Tomas

I was referred to Cherish 4 years ago by a friend, and I have been speaking to her ever since. She is hands down the most reliable, accurate and compassionate psychic guide. Whenever I am going through something tough, I always leave the call with complete peace, and a new found confidence with in myself. Cherish never disappoints, and I can’t imagine my life without her kindness and guidance!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your spiritual needs. I look forward to meeting you all.

Cherish One
Approach to Topics
First and foremost I deal in the Truth. I'm here to be honest and help you via true spiritual contact. I am always honest in my readings and I WILL tell you what I hear and see. I value my clients and have years of experience and you deserve to be taken seriously. I'm not perfect but I have a real gift for telling you:

What someone is feeling and thinking.
What their intention is
What they will do
And relative accuracy of what's to come

I say relative because the future is ever evolving. If we were locked into a precise, unchangeable future, we would be nothing more than robots. And this can work in your favor. The idea of turning things around and things not being on a fixed path.
This is why free will is God's greatest gift to us all. Free will is the flow of energy that creates our destiny by our choice. We never can control what others will do so their choices also affects the future.

I hear messages from Spirit. Sometimes messages you weren't expecting or what may not be exactly what you asked about. I love those. But I WILL answer all your questions. I am tapping into something real that I respect and I hope that you respect that powerful spiritual force that allows me to help you.

Understand that psychic readings are for guidance and to light the way so that you can choose your path wisely, not to take the place of your free will or your capacity to make good choices for better outcomes. Psychic readings do not replace your own choice. I can be helpful in telling you what it is you cannot see or know because, perhaps at this time, your mind is foggy or you are feeling vulnerable. My intention is to empower you with the truth, even if it is something you don't want to hear and not to exploit your vulnerabilities. My gifts are strong and I've been providing my services for 20 years now. I'm professional and will tell you what the Spirits are telling me. I do not guarantee your future. This is how it works: we as humans are not allowed to know when we are going to have what we want, especially if we are strongly bonded to a "certain" outcome. It completely goes against spiritual principles to know when exactly we are going to have what we want. Wouldn't that be great. But you can know where you are on the path, what the people around you are feeling and investing in you and your rhythmic flow at the time of your reading and where all of this will lead. And because energy is ALWAYS in a state of flux, you are at cause in what you create. We are not victims of our paths, we are the creators.

I can tell you a lot, especially what is rolling around in your aura, what it is attracting, how to make it better, or if you are chasing a dream or not--wasting your time with someone. If you are prepared for that, please call and let me share your journey. Be prepared for the truth and honesty. I cannot be any other way. Please do not choose me if you are mainly interested in self-gratification readings. I cannot help you if you are bonded to a specific outcome because my approach is to find the truth of the matter, and that is all. Self-gratification readings are questions about when you are going to have what you want. If you have a love interest, and most people do, keep your mind open to spiritual messages that you are meant to know and hear. If you reject that, then I'm not the one for you. My search is always for truth.
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