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Crone Anne
Crone Anne
SPECIALIZING IN LOVE & Relationships | 16 yrs exp
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Love | Relationships | Work | Life | Empowerment - - 16 yrs experience
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I’ve been psychic for as long as I can remember - I guess I inherited it as my mother, grandmother and grand grandmother also were both psychic and card readers. The last 16 years I´ve been doing readings for both family, friends and clients. So, now I would be very proud to chat with you, guide you and give you an insightful, honest and accurate reading - - Welcome 🌷🔮😊

Approach to Topics
Hi, I’m Crone Anne, HONEST, INSIGHTFUL & ACCURATE 16 years EXPERIENCED Psychic Advisor guiding you with ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS, in all matters of life, romance and work. I´m non-judgemental and also I don´t sugar coat!

● Breaking up or should I stay? I can help guide you!
● Will my ex come back? I can see the potential!
● What are they thinking & feeling? I can read their thoughts & hearts!

● Will I get the job? I can see the potential & give advice for how to increase chanses!
● What do I need to know about co-workers or boss? I can read & pick up on their motives, agendas if any & thoughts!
● Need to make a decision – Career or Life? I can help guide you!

🔮My Mission Statement
My experience is that we have help & guidance available all of our lives from Spiritual forces and Guides existing in the Otherworldly realms. Whatever you call it: the Force, Universe, Spirit, Higher Self, or God – this or these entities are the ones that influence my shuffling of the cards, so the right cards show up. The same apply when I pick up on energies for you by Claircognizance (the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it) & Clairsentience (the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others).

🔮Code of Ethics
I don’t do readings on the following subjects: death, missing people/animals or lost objects, physical or psychological diagnosis, pregnancy, legal outcomes, investments, amounts of money, gambling, lottery no and the like.

I never promise 100% accuracy as the free will of humans will always affect the result. The future isn’t set in stone. Therefore I don’t do exact timelines either, as free will and unexpected actions may change it up. However, readings show the potential and the most likely outcome if specific present or future conditions are valid and paths are followed.

In accordance with the law, these readings are to be considered to be purely for entertainment purpose. You are buying these services at your own risk.

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