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Diane Elizabeth
New to Keen but have been a psychic for years. Real and Authentic! Let me help you with ; Love, Family, Career and Business, via Guardian Angels, God Approved Spirits, and God consciousness. Call Me Now!
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Angel Readings
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I have been a psychic since childhood, was born and raised in Southern California. It started with psychic dreams, then spirit visitations, auditory spiritual contacts, and empathetic experiences. My psychic abilities evolved over the years and now they are stronger and more in tune than ever.
Approach to Topics
My psychic abilities have helped many people over the years. I have assisted police and law enforcement in missing persons, burglary and homicide cases.

I do not need any cards, crystals, ruins, etc. rather I channel into "The God Source." I enjoy serving others, via the channel of her Guardian Angels, God Approved Spirits, and God consciousness. My abilities, “gifts from God”, enable me to explore the paths of others with clarity and compassion.

A few of my intuitive abilities are: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Empathic Capabilities. Also, I am an Ordained Minister.

Call me now and schedule your reading today!

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