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I'm an energy reader/healer that specializes in matters of the heart. Although I am fast, 3 minutes will not give you much detail. If you want info/details, plan on a minimum of 5 min. Let's get the you the clarity you need.
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I was born gifted into a lineage of clairvoyants and healers , however I have only been practicing consistently for the last 13 years. I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn all that I could so I could offer nothing but the best to my clientele. I am a certified metaphysical therapist with expertise in energy reading/ healing/ clearing, chakra balancing, crystal healing and aroma therapy and energy work. I often volunteer my time working with women and children at the domestic violence shelters along with both men and women suffering from PTSD and other disorders. It is important to me to help heal the world in any way possible! I also volunteer a lot of my time with animals as well, If you have pets and need some help understanding them, I can help you with that too. I love nature, especially Grandmother ocean and often recharge my batteries by showing gratitude for my surroundings. Every day I learn something new and I am always willing to share the knowledge that I gain, I truly feel in helping others I am helping myself. In my spare time I make jewelry out of gemstones and crystals to better aide my clients with emotional healing and intention setting. Sacred adornment is a huge part of my practice and daily life. Even the smallest gem can hold such great power to get you through the day!
Approach to Topics
Using my gifts I am able to connect with your energy, the energy of your POI, and your spirit guides. I am able to pick up on a persons energy using their name/ DOB, once I connect with them I am able to get beneath the surface. I can pick up on their blockages, struggles, thoughts, feelings and more. I will sometimes ask a question at the beginning of the energy pull to make sure I have the correct person you're asking about and then dive in. I will sometimes use tarot, angel, life path cards to dig deeper or get validation on what I am getting energetically, but I don't often need them, If you prefer I use the cards, please let me know at the beginning of the call/chat. I can help clarify messages, and figure out specific assistance that may be needed. Do you have questions or need clarity? is s/he the one? Is there something better coming your way? Do you need help bringing something or more of something into your life? I can help answer your questions and guide you to where you need/want to be. We all need some honest guidance once in a while. I am non judgmental, honest and kind. I am direct and stern when needed and always express gratitude. I vibrate at a high frequency and have been told people feel it through the reading! As a healer and metaphysical therapist I have many talents and knowledge I have obtained over the years and it is my goal to help as many people as I can in this lifetime. Life is short, we all need someone special to get us through the rough patches with ease and reassurance. Many people want to know "when" something will happen or "when" someone will contact them... Although a timeline may appear in the reading, keep in mind energy shifts all the time along with a persons free will (spirit does not always give me timing especially when asking for it). With that said, I can offer you tools, tips, and tricks that you can use to help ensure your desired outcome.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Detailed · 67
  • Honest · 67
  • Accurate · 66
  • Helpful · 66
  • Kind · 66
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