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Draven Grey
Draven Grey
Finding & Keeping Love
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I've helped numerous people, from all walks of life, find love, tranquility, and peace in themselves and their relationships. No matter what you're experiencing, you won't find judgment here...
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I'm Draven Grey! Thanks for stopping by! I’ve helped many people in finding their way towards love, and always strive to find solutions that lead to inner-peace and tranquility in any situation, but especially in love. I strive to bring clarity and positive focus to help you to achieve these desires in a feasible and coherent way. With a passion for connecting with people in a deep way, you will not find judgment here.

I have been providing psychic and tarot readings professionally since 2000 and have forged strong relationships with customers from 6 continents and over 30 countries, including Portugal, Netherlands, U.K., New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and 45/50 States in the U.S. I have an extensive branch of knowledge through my experience as a reader, my psychic and intuitive skills, as well as my studies of philosophy, sociology, and even chemistry and biology, not to mention the countless hours I have dedicated to learning astrology, tarot, numerology, and other forms of divination. I have spent the last several years developing my own Tarot and Astrology deck from the knowledge that I have gained over the years, and am currently authoring an Astrologically based Tarot deck with Australian Artist Crystalface.

In April 2004, I started providing readings on Keen. I look forward to making your acquaintance and hope to establish a longstanding relationship with you, as we solve the struggles and celebrate the victories that come forward in your life.
For over 19 years, I have helped many people find their way to happiness by finding the clear path forward, helping them to achieve the experience of unconditional mutual love. I have been able to do so through my many years of experience as a reader, using tarot, astrology, the Hindu Chakra System, as well as other Western methods of divination. Through the use of my own abilities, as well as with the tools that I have come to find a proficiency with, I strive to help those that seek my guidance to achieve the coming to pass of their hopes and dreams (though it is important to note that there are plenty of occasions that what someone wants isn’t able to be achieved), seeking out the various paths that are laid out for an individual to move toward.

The experience of love is as sacred to the Universe as Oxygen is vital to our ecosystem here on Earth. It is from the experience of the Tarot, learning Universal Symbolism, Numerology, and Astrology and applying these studies and teachings to my own observation in real world applications that I have been able to learn the mechanisms of the greater and lesser mysteries, so that they might be applied to practical guidance, in conjunction with my own psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

I have been in a relationship, which began on April 23rd, 2007, where we have both learned the value of partnership, cooperation, concession, compromise, and candor throughout our relationship. After several years of providing love readings, I began to realize, after our first meeting, that what we were developing with each other was indeed very special, and although I could never promise anyone that a relationship they enter into will be without fighting and arguing, temptation, trust, etc., I can promise that, if given the opportunity, I will help you to understand the best steps that could possibly be taken, which would create a stronger likelihood that longevity would be a mutual desire Finding any fortitude this day in age can certainly be difficult, especially as perspectives on love never change in a quickly evolving world. This is where, in having a reading with me, I would ask every one of my clients, "what do you love most about yourself?" This can be a difficult question to answer, but as this is thought about, one can easily open the door to the realization that love starts within ourselves, creating the causation of the outward projection
Approach to Topics
I want to give you the tools you need to bring empowerment and change to your life, especially when it comes to finding your way toward love. Whether you want to ask about meeting someone new, love that was lost, or have an interest in meeting someone new, you can always depend on receiving honest, open, and sound advice that comes from experience of a life lived in conjunction with the energy of spiritual divination that can help to guide the course of your life.

No matter the issue you face, I want to show you the steps you can take to bring solutions to your toughest problems. Please understand that true desire to bring yourself forward might require personal change in both action and mentality which may require you to step beyond the confines of your comfort zone. Using an open mind when contemplating such change can help you to accept that nature of what may show in a reading, but by the time we're done, I want you to have clarity, knowledge, and understanding of how any event will unfold, as well as what steps would be required to bring you to that position of the

If you find yourself at a crossroads, I will not tell you which path to follow as this your decision and yours alone. By virtue of understanding the actions, thoughts, and feelings that are required to bring an event or person forward, you will gain wisdom showing how to bring yourself to the goals you desire. My readings are designed to show multiple paths forward, allowing you to make the right decision based on the outcome that is shown in each respective situation. It is rare that I will answer a question with a simple "yes" or "no," as many of the answers that I receive from the cards show if/then scenarios, which I impart by describing the different paths which would be set for you. Names and Date of birth are always helpful, but never required. I do prefer names, because it does make things easier when we are chatting, removing any confusion that would be able to occur.

The purpose of Tarot & Astrology is to help an individual to find themselves by virtue of learning about themselves in an open and honest way, so that there can be an unbiased understanding that a person can ascertain, thus achieving the ultimate understanding of who they are. Stemming from that special philosophy, as outlined by Plato and placed on the Temple of Apollo at the city of Delphi in Greece, the postulate “know thyself” becomes more important the deeper into this new Age of Aquarius that we are finding ourselves submerged in. More than anything, my desire in providing readings is to always help a person to understand who they are, thus giving a proper understanding for why a person makes the decisions that they do (as knowing oneself is the true key to understanding everyone).
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