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From November 21st through December 15th, Venus transits Scorpio. The 3 of swords in Tarot represents this transit. Our collective wounds from 2020 need healing. Spruce up your love life today by healing the wounded heart!
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UPDATED July 2020!
Esther would like to help you with your love life questions today!

Take comfort that Esther has over seven years' professional psychic experience. Six of those seven years have been through offering her services, right here on KEEN.com!

Esther has advised clients on wide and varied love and relationship topics. This includes both traditional as well as more commonly judged scenarios. Esther has done everything from help save marriages to guiding those on more unconventional love journeys to SELF-LOVE!

Esther's approach is extremely openminded. There's not a single client that has left a reading with Esther feeling judged or shamed.

She also welcomes LGTBQ clients with open arms! 80% of her existing clientele call her regularly for insights on love and relationship topics. Esther is a seasoned psychic with thousands of professional readings under her belt, most of them given right here on KEEN.

Because you, the client, ultimately have control over what energy YOU put out there, Esther helps to harness your own personal power by recommending SELF-LOVE! By loving self, you heal the holes in your aura.

We are all born enveloped in an energetic protection field called the AURA. When that aura becomes traumatized through life, it drains our energy and ability to stand up for ourselves. A drained aura is one of the ultimate sources of low self-esteem that drives love partnerships away. No matter how much your POI or significant other says s/he loves you, it will never be enough!

Identifying and healing the holes in one's aura helps to attract and inspire one's partner to give love to you, because the love perpetuates rather than drains. Loving self when single and waiting for "Mr./Ms. Right" can lessen the burden of singlehood, as well as cultivating other virtues!

Be sure to get a reading with Esther today! You'll be glad you did!

Approach to Topics
Need to gain insight into a love relationship? Don't look further! Esther Neptune has been helping many clients, both male and female, of all orientations to find their love's thoughts, feelings, and intentions!

Esther has been reading professionally for the last seven years. Six of those seven have been through KEEN.com. Esther's main strengths she brings to your love reading include an ability to listen compassionately without judging you, and recall your situation months, even years later! This is true even if you do not need to consult with her again for a long while. It will seem like you just called her yesterday!

Esther has been through love life's hard knocks, but has overcome those by practicing the rituals of SELF-LOVE. With a debilitated Venus in Virgo in her natal chart, Esther has realized with raising one's vibration, even the most afflicted astrological positioning can be overcome. Divine Providence wishes us all to realize "YOU ARE LOVED".

Esther uses Tarot as the primary "go-to" for most of her readings. Due to a severe illness she had in 2016, her psychic abilities greatly magnified. Esther's own self-love rituals that helped her recover from this illness also increased her clairvoyance in addition to her excellent intuitive abilities. The gift of clairvoyance adds visions in addition to having that "gut feeling" intuitives have and fill in the blanks where tools leave off.

To get a love life reading from Esther, the best approach is to give her your name and whether you have a person of interest(s) (POI). Esther does NOT need dates of birth. Keep in mind though, supplying DOB's CAN provide helpful insight. This is especially true if you, the client, would like an astrological consult in addition to your POI's thoughts/feelings/intentions.
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