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The 2021 Virgo season started on July 21st and ends September 22nd. Wondering how you can shape up your love life this midsummer? Get a consult with "Dr. Love", aka Esther Neptune today to see how your chakras shape up!
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Welcome to Esther's Love and Relationships listing on KEEN.com!

Esther has eight years' experience as a psychic advisor. Eight is the number of TRANSFORMATION! Make 2021 the year to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE after the pandemic year of 2020.

In 2020, many sought relationships, but the double 0's of that year meant a lot turned up empty. Social distancing, restrictions on activities such as weddings and funerals, and financial fallout put dampers on many individuals' love lives. Still, 2020 brought many others closer, especially those in committed relationships with a firm foundation before COVID-19. Yet with others, 2020 exposed dark crevices in committed, serious partnerships that are no longer reparable.

Let 2021 be the year to find "Number One" - YOU! - through self-love. When we turn the focus away from what others NEED to do for us and make ourselves the wellspring from which all other love flows, our options improve in a heartbeat. This includes platonic, family, and professional relationships, not just romantic partnerships!

When you commit to finding "Number One" in 2021, you lay a secure foundation for years to come! You no longer give away your power to partnerships that refuse to nourish you in an even energy exchange. You lose the guilt that "you should have done this or that" for a love interest, friend or family member, or professional organization. You learn to BE you, content in your own skin!

Approach to Topics
What's new to Esther's reading style in 2021? Esther has incorporated CHAKRA READINGS into her repertoire! Ask Esther how your chakras are shaping up when considering your self-care regimen. Esther makes specific recommendations with essential oils, crystals, and other tips to improve your energy flow today!

Esther can also use the Love 3-in-1 calculator with dates of birth to calculate how compatible you are with your partner. This can be especially helpful to determine what type of partnership would work best for you when considering another individual's energy.

For example, if you are evaluating a friend-with-benefits situation, you will want to choose a partner with strong root chakra compatibility, but not too heavy in the sacral or heart chakras. This will reduce the emotional bonding so that you do not become too attached to the person.

For a more serious partnership, you will want to idenitfy compatibility in the majority of chakras, especially the sacral, heart, third eye, and additional non-feeling chakras such as the throat and solar plexus. Soulmates are especially connected through the heart and sacral, and flavored by their individual alternate compatibilities.

Esther does not NEED date of birth (DOB) information to perform this compatibility check. She can use intuition / Tarot to provide a rough estimate. This accuracy has been verified and validated with the DOB's when she obtains them!

Check in with Esther to transform your love life TODAY! You'll be glad you did!
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