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Who is this guy? Is she the one? Where is my relationship headed? Note: I do not just tell you what you want to hear. I love to help, but If objective honesty is not your style, I am not the psychic for you.
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Please have your specific questions ready, I will not do general readings and prefer not to do timing.

Also when asking your questions please have a CLEAR issue and be direct.

I do not do general readings i.e. "what will 2023 look like for me? What does my love life look like for 2024?"

These questions are too open ended and general and are nightmare unfair questions for most psychics. We are not omniscient.

Specific questions will get you the most satisfactory answers.

If you are calling me specifically to tell me what other psychics told you, and then choose to argue with your reading I will not work with you.

If your mission is solely to test me by playing games and asking me questions you already know---not having a serious issue to address--or similar behavior---I will not work with you.

This is not how I do my readings. I am here to do the best I can to give you a reading that will have a strong positive impact on your situation.

Please do not waste OUR time.

I am an empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient tarot reader who will use my gifts to shed light on your issue. I have 25 years experience with the tarot, which I will use to take a snapshot of what is going on in your life.

I am a straight-shooter. So as not to waste time, please do not call if you expect your reading to only be what you want to hear. If you are not open to objective truthful insight into your situation I am not the psychic for you.

The tarot gives confirmation and psychic suggestions that are invaluable. Since I am a tarot reader during your reading I will need a moment to shuffle my cards, lay a quick spread, interpret, and then talk/write back to you. I work as fast as I can as I know the clock is ticking. I am not trying to waste your time, I am trying to give you a satisfactory, helpful and accurate reading.

Please also be aware that I will not connect clearly with everyone. Do not be offended if I end a call/chat because I do not feel a strong connection to you.

Approach to Topics
I am a gentle reader, and an honest reader. I do not believe in cemented times for events or people as your free will, the free will of others, destiny and unforeseen events make it very difficult to be accurate. The butterfly effect makes timing a nightmare.

Despite being compassionate and fun to talk to, your reading will only be as effective as you are open to it.

Let me do what I do to help you. I am on here more to help people than for the money, as my rates are low...I have been doing this for more than 25 years, have brought soul-mates together, and have helped many people.

I am a firm believer in common sense, destiny, free will and strive to help you reach outcomes that are in your best interest.

If you are stumped in life, let's take a look to see what is blocking you, and how to remove those blocks. Life can be confusing, overwhelming and difficult. Why not take an inside peek at what is going on in order to empower yourself. :)
Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
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