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/pitch It's not everyone that can see the future or predict exact outcomes. And it isn't that I will guarantee that I can do just that by any means. However, my feelings are genuine and I am always honest. Thank you.
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From a young age my mother & sister have been readers, and it was in my teenage years that my seemingly clairvoyance, foreshadowing, or predictions starting coming true in mere days. At first I dismissed them as dejavu, yet these were events that hadn't taken place yet. It was when one of these events saved my life making me come to a stop on the interstate in the middle two lanes stopping all traffic around me that I knew it was true. Just as people starting to drive around me, I got out of my car and waved them down to stop them. The clouds darkened behind and in front of me black and gray. A site to behold I assure you. Just off to the right of the interstate, maybe the length of a football field, in front of all the cars that were stopped; I being the front most car with a tractor trailer having pulled along side me left and one along side on the median, was something no one expected. A tornado touched down ripping the signage, fence line, tree line, median, road, and as it careened across to the other side of the interstate cars up into the air as we all sat in shock and awe now all back in our cars out of fear. I learned later that only injuries came of that horrid event, yet, it convinced me to never dismiss my deja vu events as mere happenstance again.
Approach to Topics
It is never good to keep things bottled. My approach is simple, remove the proverbial foil wrapper, put the corkscrew in and slowly work the cork out until it pops out unleashing all the pressures that have been stored for years. Then the aromas simply evaporate slowly and we can enjoy the bouquet of smells together. It's pretty straight forward and simple to have good people in your life, be a good person. Come, sit back, enjoy a glass of water or whatever tickles your fancy with me and let's chat.
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