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Hollywood Psychic Tina
Hollywood Psychic Tina
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Over 475,000 readings Hollywood Psychic Tina From RIck Dees in The Morning in Los Angeles Thursday mornings! My gift is God given, I can help with ALL aspects of life. Readings are life changing. Everyone welcome!
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Monday & Friday available after 6 pm pst, rest of week available all day! No 1 min calls please! My gift is from God and I have been reading for over 20 years . I Specialize in complicated and distressed relationships. I pray the rosary twice a day so if you want to be added to my prayer, just please ask me. I have always been Psychic and had strong dreams ever since I was a very young child. Clients return to me even after reading with other people asking how I knew what I know and all I can tell you is that I give all glory to God as he has given me a gift to help others to help them on their journey of life and to help them back to God not religion . I can help you with faith as I have had my own journey and now my faith is so strong that I have absolutely no worries as I know I am always protected . God has given me a gift of being a strong empath, a strong clairvoyant and a strong medium. My vision is intense and I can always see an outcome. I preferred not to do general readings as I do not want to waste your time I want to help you as quickly as I can . I will not hang up on you but if there is bad energy and its attacking me i will tell you I am hanging up. God bless you and I look forward to helping you !
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Number one, my gift is from God. I am was born and raised Catholic, went to Catholic school my whole life, and there is NO doubt whatsoever that God exists. I have seen and heard Jesus Christ many times as he has asked me to do certain things to help people and now I know he has asked me with people on this site. I have seen and heard God the father once, and I see the Virgin Mary as well. I also am "Stigmata" every year around Easter. Yes I am the Tina from Rick Dees in the Morning, Psychic Thursdays with Tina!!! I am real, I can guide you and tell you what is there waiting for you. You must put in your own spirituality and faith as i believe we all pray to the same God. In order to not waste anyone's time, please have your question ready for me. No general readings please. I am an emotional and physical empath, a remote viewer so I will ask for location many times so that I may get in the energy. I am also a strong emotional and physical healer and never charge for healings. Please ask me if you need healing. Or if you need help with faith, I can help you back to God from a spiritual perspective, never about religion! *Per Keen, i cannot answer any questions regarding health, pregnancy or legal issues. I am sorry.* God bless you!
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