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Living, Loving, Soul connection. Clear True Direct information received from Spirit. All matters of the Heart and Soul. Questions welcomed but not needed.
A Lifetime Dedicated To The Metaphysical Arts
+ More than 28 Years Experience +

Ability inherited from both the mother and father. Within the family bloodline, Shawn is of the 5th generation known to be spiritually gifted and the first to be born with multiple combined abilities. There are 10 others known to exist within the United States whom are of similar ability.

He was almost 4 years old when his parents noticed signs of a special connection with the spirit world. It wasn't until years later that Shawn learned that one of those spirits was his twin brother whom had not made it to birth.

Age 18... He was introduced to a private detective who worked with cases of abducted children and missing persons. Shawn has also been consulted for information that lead to solving several cold case files.

Shawn has the following combination of abilities at a heightened level:

+CLAIRVOYANT (clear seeing)
The ability to obtain information about a person, place, or event without the use of the human five senses.

+CLAIRSENTIENT (clear sensing)
The ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses. More advanced than one who is Empathic.

+CLAIRAUDIENT (clear hearing)
Ability to hear words, phrases, music, sounds that are not audible to the normal ear.

+CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (clear knowing)
The ability to simply know something to be true even without supporting knowledge or logic or reason.

The ability to transfer and receive thoughts/feelings from one mind to another. Assists in gaining knowledge of what someone is thinking.

Communication with humans, animals, spirits on the other side.

+ENERGY WORK: Able to channel energies and clear blocked paths. Similar to Reiki, Chakra Healing, and Aura Cleansing.

Shawn has read for many persons around the world from China, Germany, Italy, United States, and Canada. Clients include those known to be famous in the public eye - Models, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Music Producers, and many other high profile persons.

"There are plenty of psychics, but there is an astounding difference with Shawn."
"It's as if some kind of energy seems to come through him...even after your session is done."
"There's a feeling of comfort and peace after talking with Shawn."

Open your mind. Feel the energy.
Deceased Loved Ones LGBTQ Issues Love/Relationships Career/Work Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
Clairvoyant Clairaudient Clairsentient Medium Aura Cleansing
Approach to Topics
Faithful to God. Shawn connects directly with Spirit. The team of Spirit Guides assist on their own.

A Session With Shawn
His kind personality welcomes you with open arms. You'll feel like your speaking with someone who's known you your whole life. He presents information with clarity that is both useful and beneficial for you. Well known for articulation of specific details including: names; dates; physical descriptions; character; personality; time frames of events to come. He sees past; present; future about: you; loved ones; friends; family; co-workers; etc.

Much More Than A Detailed Reading
Energies are amplified in his presence. Many say they feel "recharged" by Shawn's energy. Those whom have abilities will feel theirs intensify. Dreams become more pronounced and happen more often. There are times Shawn will answer before you've said anything. Once you've had a session with him you'll understand why they say... "It's more than just a reading...it's an experience." We leave that up to you to decide.

Have an open mind and be receptive to gaining information. You will not need to tell him information. Let him tell you. Of course, you are welcome to ask questions as well.

All communication is kept strictly confidential and private.
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